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Best Can Opener for Large Cans

we know how much effort t and power does large can require for opening. They’re tough to deal with. But you know what? These Best Can Opener for Large Cans can do pretty decent job for you!
Best Can Opener for Large Cans


It would be extremely hard to find a single person on this planet who does not possess the need to use can openers from time to time. Whether you are someone who hosts big parties several times a year, a grad student trying to live off of heavy college tuition debts and canned spaghetti bolognese, or someone whose house is always echoing with barks and meows, a can opener is your comrade in arms to survive your kitchen duties.

But what if you are hosting an event that requires buying canned goods that come in big portions and large cans or you are in a household that consists of several people who all like baked beans? What then? A normal can opener only maneuvers around small to medium-sized cans, leaving large cans and your need for them, deserted. You need the best can opener for large cans that is large enough in capacity, efficiency, and sturdiness to tackle your monstrous canned and your big needs.

Best Can Opener for Large Cans

Many people will tell you to just use a normal can opener for any sized can. But listening to them will only earn you an unopened can, a waste of time and energy, and maybe even a broken can opener. Large cans are often built with denser materials and require a machine that is more sturdy and heavy-duty to maneuver around them. That is why you will find a list below of some of the best picks for can openers for your large cans and some bits of important information comprising some factors that will help you pick and compare your best can opener for large cans.

3. Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

IF you have seen this can opener several times and decided it wasn’t worth a second glance, we recommend you do that again. Many of this can opener’s users advise other people who are looking for a heavy-duty can opener to not judge this one by Cuisinart by its conventional and somewhat tame look. This can opener can be a real monster machine for all your giant cans and the threat of non-durability that most can openers bring along with them.

Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener comes equipped with a powerful and reliable motor that keeps this can opener functioning even if you have used it a couple of hundred times for many years of purchasing it. The feature that makes it such a reluctant free buy is however, its super sharp and precise blade that takes away all the tiring minutes of cranking the lever of a run of the mill can opener would require you to do while opening large cans.

Sturdiness is a big factor that comes to play when you have to open cans of large sizes. That is why the company decided to make it broad to provide the required stability to keep the whole machine stable when you are opening those huge cans.  This can opener also comprises a single-touch start to make this can opener as easy as a breeze to use. This has an added feature of a lever attached with a magnet to remove and lift the cut lid of the can safely after it is done opening the can, making the whole process swift and non-messy.


  • Precise cutting
  • Single-touch start
  • Wide base
  • Stylish build


  • A bit heavy to lift

Durable Motor: Opening large-sized cans is not a job made for your average delicate can openers. The large cans that you need to open often prove to be stubborn and more resilient when it comes to opening them. That is why only a can opener with features that make it a heavy-duty machine is fit for the job. And the most important of them all is heaving a durable motor. This can opener has your back covered when it comes to that. This can opener’s durable motor makes sure that your can opener keeps functioning normally with the same speed and efficiency as you bought it with even after some time has passed after you purchased it. When you buy this can opener you don’t just buy a kitchen appliance to open your cans, you buy durability, efficiency, and a product that is worth what you paid for it.

2. Edlund 266 Tabletop Electric Can Opener

Edlund 266 Tabletop Electric Can Opener

If you have ever tried to open a huge can with a normal can opener, you know the outcome and you know why can openers specifically designed for opening large cans exist. But if you haven’t, let the electric can opener from Edlund tell you why. Out of various brands that make appliances for restaurant-level commercial use, Edlund is a known one.

This tabletop electric can opener is specially designed to be heavy-duty in nature and work for all your larger-scale needs. This electric can opener can open almost 30-60 cans per day. That’s a lot. Even if you are hosting an event, this can opener will always be a step ahead of your big needs. With a stainless steel build, this can opener is surprisingly very light-weight and compact, which is something that cannot be said the same for many can openers for large cans in its competition.

It also has the added feature of bearing detachable gears and blade that can be replaced as use requires. It is also of a height that makes it perfect to maneuver around various sized cans. This can opener will ensure that it will last you a long time even after heavy-duty usage and no number can you open a day will make a dent in its durability. 


  • Electric motor
  • Removable parts
  • Stainless steel build
  • Lightweight


  • Pricey

Removable Gear: The removability of the gear on a can opener adds a lot to make certain of its durability. Still, you would be surprised that not many can openers offer this feature that makes them less durable. However, you can be sure of this one though with all of its gear such as its stainless steel lever, durable magnet, and precise blade. It also makes things 10 times easier to clean and sort out after all the cans you have bust open.

1. New Star Foodservice 7006841#1 Manual Table Can Opener

New Star Foodservice 7006841#1 Manual Table Can Opener

This can opener is a known beast that cans of all sizes fear. Due to its sleek and stylish design, most people just buy for the look of it all. This can opener will prove to be your reliable best friend that will save you in terms of money, extra work, and efficiency. This can opener by New Star can open cans of different sizes and materials.

Due to its amazing, state of the art structure, this can opener will also save space on your countertop and will just require you to place it on a table that has a hard base and can be just secured on it with some crews and a little time to set it up. Because you screw it in place, you ensure that any can of any size or material can be opened with it due to the added stability.

This can opener also comes equipped with a lever that will allow you to pop open monstrous cans like it no big deal. If you are scared of its price because heavy duty can openers can be a bit pricy, don’t be. This can opener will not make your wallet light as many other can openers will do. Its sharp blade will glide through cans so fast, you won’t even feel you are holding a can of impressive size.


  • 11” Tall design
  • Sleek and slim in build
  • Made of cast iron
  • Plated steel base


  • Manual operation

Stable Setup: Many can openers are often kitchen tabletop friendly and will not require you to set them up. But when you come to use them, you would realize that you will need to hold them in place with one hand and open the can with others. That takes the wind out of the whole efficiency feature, doesn’t it? This is why New Star has come up with a design that will require you to secure it on a hard table base so that it will act as an integrated machine while you can just open cans without any force required to hold the can opener.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying an appliance for household items is easy. But that doesn’t apply if you want to buy a commercial level heavy duty appliance for your requirement. That process requires some prior knowledge to ensure that you have a stable foreground of what you want in an appliance. Buying a can opener for large cans would require you the same aspects. That is why the below-listed factors will help you prepare a strong base of knowledge that you need to know when choosing and comparing a can opener that is the perfect fit for your big needs.


You need a can opener with efficiency but most of all you need a can opener that has a motor efficient enough to provide that efficiency To ensure you are buying a durable can opener, you need to make certain of its motor workability. A good can opener must have a heavy-duty motor that will not let years of heavy usages and the number of cans you have opened slow it down or cause it to fail when it comes to durability.


Opening large and heavy cans can be a sweat ridden task. And if you have a can opener that is not sturdy enough to handle the force that comes with large cans, you will be likely to sweat, profusely. A can opener needs to have a sturdy build so it can bear the weight of those giant cans and their content.


If your can opener is made out of plastic, you can be sure that your cans would sit unopened. A can opener must have a metal build to provide stability and weight to counteract the weight from the cans. When buying a can opener, make sure it is built from steel or iron so it can be a sturdy balance to rout giant cans and their heavy contents.


1.  Will commercial can openers leave jagged edges on the opened cans?

It is not common for heavy-duty commercial can openers to leave jagged edges on the cans they opened since, a can opener with a heavy-duty build will likely to have a blade that is sharp and precise and a motor that will make the cutting motion swift and non-jerky, leaving no uneven or pointy edges on the rim.

2.  Are can openers for large cans loud?

A little bit of noise can be expected from any kitchen appliance. The same is to be said for can openers if they are electric. But you are talking about can openers for large cans, they also tend to create a bit of noise but not too loud to be considered annoying but rather a part of its operation.

3.  Are can openers for large cans difficult to clean?

The process of cleaning these can openers do vary from the normal ones as it is strongly advised against washing them directly from water since they are made from metal and can rust. You are advised to take apart the gear and the blade and gently clean them with a damp rag and let them air dry to prevent rusting.

Final Words

If you need large cans but are afraid to buy them because you are unsure of how to open them, fret not. Choose a heavy-duty can opener and throw your old one out, as they will be a much more convenient choice than the average ones. These above listed can openers will not let those huge cans hold you back from your need.

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