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Best Handheld Electric Can Opener

Manual can opening requires extra strength and energy. That’s why the Best Handheld Electric Can Opener will make can opening extremely easier for you.
Best Handheld Electric Can Opener


When we talk about kitchen appliances in general, most appliances are a hassle to use and work. If you are someone who generally cooks with a lot of canned products, your whole cooking process can be frustrating, long, and often, dangerous. That is why electric can openers exist. There is no doubt that ever since electric can openers were invented, the levels of frustration and irritation of the cooking process of people have gone done to a considerable amount.

Generally, electric can openers are something that makes the opening of your canned products much safer and a lot safer to do. Normally, your average can opener works by penetrating the lid of the can and start cutting the lid off from the inside to keep you away from pointy and uneven edges.  But in the 21st century we are talking about here, so to make your cooking process and other chores involving canned goods, not a tiresome task to do, some best handheld electric can openers exist. Handheld electric can openers are the most evolved form of can openers that will make opening cans the epitome of easy, safe, and sometimes fun too.

Best Handheld Electric Can Openers

Whether you are someone who frequently cooks with canned goods or someone who owns a lot of pets, opening cans so often will consume a lot of your precious time. The best handheld can opener will be an appliance that will make the whole process not at all heavy on your hands, easy to move around and store away, quick, noise-free, and safe.

The following are some of the picks for the best handheld electric can openers.

3. Ankuwa Handheld Electric Can Opener

Ankuwa Handheld Electric Can Opener

While most handheld can openers claim to be “restaurant quality” but proves to be extremely lacking and tacky, this one from Ankuwa is. Used by several professionals, and rated the best handheld can opener, this is an upgraded version from Ankuwa who always strive to make their kitchen appliances of top quality.

When you pay for this handheld electric can opener, you get to own an appliance that is of commercial level in terms of quality, durability, and fast operation. This handheld can opener is battery operated and the company highly recommends using batteries of 2AA power if you want the appliance to work for more fast and lengthy usage.

To add even more of a durability feature to this handheld electric can opener, the manufacturer has made sure to line the area of the attachment of the batteries with an insulated plastic lining. This added feature is an upgrade that adds to keep the batteries stable and intact for extra support and longer use.

Ankuwa doesn’t stop there. This handheld electric can opener is also equipped with an easy press button to offer easy usage when it comes to the start and stop of the electric can opener. Equipped with a durable motor, this electric can opener also bears the feature of a magnet on it that makes your job much easier and does the job of lifting the cut lid of the can when you press the button to stop the automatic can opener. This can opener is neck to neck among its many competitors because of how much of an efficient machine it is.


  • Smooth cutting motion
  • Light to hold
  • Compact in design
  • Magnet that lifts the cut lid


  • A little slow to operate.

360-Degree Angle Cutter: Cutting open a can is a task that is jerky in motion and requires force and immense concentration. Often the can openers you use will stop in the middle, be jerky throughout the whole cutting process and that will leave with a very jagged and uneven rim. Luckily, this appliance realizes that problem and offers you a cutting motion that is of a 360-degree angle which will be the bane to the sharp and pointy edges. With a blade that is firmly fixated inside it, you have no fear of causing lacerations and deep scratches.

2. Hamilton Beach Handheld Compact Can Opener

Hamilton Beach Handheld Compact Can Opener

Hamilton Beach is a known kitchen appliance brand that is the most chosen for when people seek out to buy an electrical kitchen appliance. It is, however, an even more known brand when it comes to the vast array of electric can openers they put out in the market. This is the can opener you buy when you want an appliance that has all the features and workability of a commercial electric can opener but has the retailing price of normal use for a household electric can opener.

This handheld electric can opener is the perfect choice for people who want to take the ultimate step of ditching their usual manual can openers that are the synonym for the hassle and hard work to an automatic rotary motion electric can opener. While most people argue about its defining features being its workability or its value to price, they chose to ignore one of its amazing features that set it apart from other average can openers. This can opener comes with a charger that can be detached and stored away without a bulky core tagging along whenever you choose to use it. This electric can opener also has you covered when you need one that is easy to clean after usage, with its lever that you can detach and reattach up to your pleasure.

It also comprises an automatic stop option that immediately shuts off the whirring machine whenever you are done cutting open the lid. With a resetting feature along that auto shut down, this machine can adjust to its default position so you can move on to the next can opening process almost immediately.


  • Automatic
  • Very efficient
  • Sleek in build


  • Blade gets a little dull after a couple of usages

Detachable Charger: You may find many people who have spent hours looking for an electric can opener that comes with a detachable charger and have given up because they cannot find one. Well, now you can recommend this one by Hamilton Beach. This can opener makes your life easier as it comes to solve your problems regarding the batteries or the bulkiness that most can openers consists of. With a cord that does not get in your way every time you use this, this detachable charger feature makes it people rate it all five stars on Amazon.

1. AICOK Electric Can Opener

AICOK Electric Can Opener

Aicok realizes that an electric appliance should be limited to just one purpose; it should be able to do various things at the same time because of how much you pay for it. By releasing their handheld electric can opener, they have committed to that belief and offer you a kitchen appliance that will serve your many purposes and needs that may seem little at the time but are generally the ones that are often important.

This electric can opener is a multi-purpose appliance that can be very kitchen-friendly when it comes to consuming as little space as possible in your kitchen. Due to its compact nature and its multi-purpose mechanic, most people do not blink twice when buying this one. This electric can opener comes equipped with a bottle opener as well, making it your new comrade in arms for kitchen utility. And if that wasn’t enough, this also has the added and very defining feature of comprising a knife sharpener to make all your kitchen knives sharp and shiny again.

This can opener also consists of a magnet that will firmly keep a hold on the metal lid of your can as its sharp blade cuts it open. This is 10 inches tall, perfect for all of the tall cans to fit in. This electric can opener has an automatic shut-off feature after you are done cutting.


  • Multi-function
  • Can fit on various sizes of cans
  • Stylish build


  • A bit pricey to purchase

Multi-Function: With a bottle opener, a knife sharpener, an automatic shut-off feature, and its sleek design you can not go wrong with this can opener. Buying it will prove to be one of your better choices.

Buyer’s Guide

A handheld electric can opener was designed solely because its inventors realized the hassle that comes along with working with canned goods and wanted to put forth an electrical kitchen appliance that would be the most advanced and upgraded when it comes to an opening. After a lot of bad products, we now have a market that is full of good electric handheld can openers.

Still, it is very easy to pay almost $30 and come home with a product that will prove to be cheap in operating, jams easily and can leave you with half-opened cans that will be a waste and a safety risk. That is why you need to know some practical pointers that will act as a guide and will lead you to an electric can opener that will make your life easier not worse.


Working with handheld can opener requires you to keep holding them until the machine stops whirring and you have an opened can. If however, you have bought a handheld electric can opener that is hefty and still heavy on weighing, it can very easily end with you getting a stiff arm or even a cramp from holding it too long if it’s a bit slow and that can cause frustration and irritation and you may end up just giving up altogether on the task.

That is why it is necessary to buy an electric can opener that is light and built in a way that fits in your hand perfectly. If your handheld electric can opener is lightweight and compactly built. You won’t even realize the task on your hand was frustrating and tiresome. A good handheld electric can opener should have a sleek design and an easy to hold.


This is something that most people gloss over and don’t pay any attention to when they are on the lookout for buying an electric can opener. The motion of the can opener determines the whole process of can-opening and the smoothness of the whole process. A lot of people accept that the process of using can openers is naturally jerky and stiff, which is not true at all and just an excuse for a bad product.

A good handheld can opener will have a very smooth and efficient cutting process. Its smooth cutting motion will leave you with a can rim free from any jagged and sharp ends. If you buy an electric can opener that has a jerky opening motion, you are ensuring that it will often be left with cuts on your fingers and less flab on your arm due to applying force to make it work smoother.


An appliance is determined by its efficiency. Electric can opener should follow that too. The workability of the can opening machine with your various cans, the fast pace of its operation and its compact nature decide the efficiency and the level of utility of the can opener. Your pick of can opener should be able to attach very easily on the lids of the can, cut through them like butter, and leave you with an opened can and a mess-free process.


1.  Should a good can opener be able to maneuver around various sizes of cans?

Yes, it is a determining factor of the capabilities of a good electric can opener that it should be able to efficiently open cans of all sizes. If a can opener doesn’t open all sizes of cans, that will render it useless and a very limited efficiency level.

2.  Why does a can opener leave jagged edges behind on the rim of the can?

A can opener will likely leave jagged edges behind if it’s not gipping the lid of the can properly. While using a can opener, make sure that you are attaching the lid of the can properly into the holder of the can opener, that way it will be firmly grasped and the blade can work properly.

3.  What is the difference between a commercial can opener and an average can opener?

A commercial can opener is an appliance that is specifically designed for restaurant or professional level usage. It is quick, efficient, and compact with a very brisk operation. An average electric can opener will not be as perfectly efficient as a commercial one.

4.  Why do some can openers slow down after a couple of usages?

Some electric can openers slow down after a while because they are often battery operated. The battery runs out after a couple of uses and leaves the machine with slow-paced operation. Make sure that you use the batteries recommended by the company of the can opener and make sure you attach it properly into its container.

5.  Why does the blade of an electric can opener not work smoothly after a while?

The blade of a can opener is designed to be sleek and thin. If you are using a can opener on cans of various densities of metal, the blade will most likely turn dull and blunt. If the blade is dull and bunt, you can always get it sharpened.

Final Words

Your kitchen chores should be easy. If you are someone who frequently uses cans daily your life can be tiring. Buying a handheld electric can opener can change the game but picking the best handheld electric can opener will be a miracle worker. Your can opener should be an appliance that fits perfectly and deftly in your hand and is lightweight with an efficient can opening process. While the above listen electric can openers will do just that, it is still up to you to decide what works best for you.

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