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4 Best Electric Can Openers for Large Cans

We know opening large cans aren’t easy at all. That’s why these Best Electric Can Opener for Larger Cans are a savior for you.
4 Best Electric Can Openers for Large Cans


So why would anyone need an electric can opener when you can simply use a manual can opener or even a knife (we all know how it goes with the knife). Yes some fingers will get cut, food will spill but, if you are content with that, then this post is not for you. However, if you want a way of opening your cans conveniently without any effort and any mess, then keep on reading. We have listed 4 best electric can openers for large cans. Sometimes, the rugged edges can land you straight in a clinic that then lands in your pocket in the form of medical bills.

The kitchen should be a safe and tidy place where you can enjoy cooking food. It is also the only place where you can make successful attempts to socialize with your family (no, dinner table not included, it doesn’t work there).

The worst that can happen in a kitchen, apart from forgetting to turn off the stove gas or a burglar hiding in your kitchen looking for knives, is someone getting cut with trails of blood following to your bedroom where you would then look for first aid. This is the worst case scenario but the point is that an electric can opener is the safest way to go around.

Top 4 Best Electric Can Openers for Large Cans

To help ease your decision-making process, we have listed our top 4 picks for electric can openers that we have selected from highly acclaimed brands that are known for their quality and reliability.

4. Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Can Opener

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Can Opener

If quality is your utmost concern, then you can’t get better than the Hamilton Beach 76606ZA. It has excelled in just about every kitchen accessory we know so far. Hamilton Beach is known as the king of the kitchen industry for a reason.

This can opener has a lot to offer. It has a sleek design and stylish looks. It won’t look like a normal tool and will look great on the countertop. The design also complements the décor of your kitchen.

It has a site cutting mechanism which guarantees smooth cuts without any ragged edges. It also ensures that the contact of the blade with the food is at a minimum. That being said, it is extremely easy to handle as it has an ergonomic design and feels comfortable when you rest your hands on it. It automatically adjusts to the contours of your hand and the grip is amazing. The sensitive easy-touch lever also works just with a light touch. This allows you to use the machine effortlessly.

As far as the overall performance is concerned, you simply cannot beat it. Just place the rim under the cutter and you are done in seconds. Before it completes its rotation, you will be done before you know it. This can opener is very versatile as it works with cans of many sizes. Majority of the bigger cans can be easily opened with this can opener, whether it is the regular pop-top and regular tops.


  • Highly ergonomic
  • Can work on just about any size of can
  • Very easy to use
  • Gives smooth cuts


  • Lacks auto shutdown feature
  • Doesn’t come with any markings

Verdict: Without a doubt, this is a great can opener but do remember that it lacks an auto shut off feature which means that you have to shut it off manually. It is not something to complain about but if you let it go on, it may transfer little metal chips into your food.

3. Oster Tall Electric Can Opener

Oster Tall Electric Can Opener

The Oster Tall Electric Can Opener is for those who are looking for an affordable can opener that can work with all cans. The flagship name “tall” denotes that it is made for taller cans. When it comes to features, it is something that will make you desire it even more.

Let us start with the design first. It has a tall and standard build and looks just the same as any other can openers in the market. It is made of plastic, which concerns us a bit. We all know that things like can openers are not well suited with a plastic build as they have to open something tin cans.

If electrical parts are concerned, unless you use it very roughly and occasionally drop it on the floor, it will serve you well for very long. The can opener has a very decent and traditional design that looks sleek and will enhance the beauty of your countertop.

It is very comfortable to hold and feels just right in the hand. The design aligns with the natural contours of your hand.

With this can opener, you don’t have to worry about any jagged edges. Most of the can openers have this one major flaw, which is very common that they don’t provide a smooth cut. However, the blade of this can opener consistently cuts the can smoothly.

You can use it very easily without sparing much of your effort. A good thing about this can opener is its magnetic lid, which makes sure that the lid doesn’t fall after cutting. Another feature that was missing in the previous can opener was the automatic shutdown feature, which worked very well with this can opener.


  • Highly compact
  • Auto shutdown feature
  • Has a very good grip
  • Sleek look


  • Has a plastic construction
  • Not durable enough

Verdict: Since the Oster Tall Electric Can Opener is meant for larger cans, this means that it will go well with most cans. However, there may be some issue with cans that have a much larger circumference.

2. Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener

Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener

The Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener is probably the most expensive one on our list; however, let us assure you that it is worth your money. It is feature-rich, incredibly premium and has an additional knife sharpener and a bottle opener as well. Besides, it doesn’t lack the most important feature that every can opener should have and that is the auto shutdown feature.

It has a superior design that is made of stainless steel; this is what makes it more durable than ever. It is a very good choice for starters and you won’t have to worry about parts falling off or the body breaking due to occasional falls, which means it is highly durable. With this durability, it is going to last you for years.

It is very compact and lightweight; probably the best lightweight option to consider and will suit any countertop. The power piercing technology can cut open the can like butter without leaving any ragged edges because of their superior blades. The sharp piercing of the blade makes sure that there is no metal chipping in your food that can lead to cross-contamination. As it is very smooth, it will remarkably reduce your time as well.

The tall design means that you can open different cans of various sizes and it also makes it easier to control the can movement, which leads to an overall increase in usability and safety. Since it comes with a magnetic holder, it lets you operate it hands-free. Just place the can and the magnetic holder will hold the can till it is pierced opened. After doing its work, it will just automatically shutdown, which is great. This feature also greatly reduces any chances of chipping.


  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Versatile design
  • Rich in features
  • Magnetic holder


  • Very expensive
  • Flimsy parts

Verdict: The best thing about this can opener is its removable blades. They are easy to clean and this lessens the chances of contamination of food with dirty blades. Furthermore, the Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener also comes with a bottle opener and retractable cord storage.

1. Cuisinart CCO-55 Deluxe Can Opener

Cuisinart CCO-55 Deluxe Can Opener

This is a simple and very effective can opener designed for those who just want something that works. It is the best budget choice on our list. It hasn’t got all those bells and whistles to it but, at this price, it might surprise you with what it does.

We feel that the design is pretty modest and it is made of quality materials. It may not be the best design but, for what it is worth, we don’t have so much to complain about. Using it is pretty easy because it has a single touch operation that doesn’t require you to do anything except for touching a button. The lid holder is magnetic and has a very stable base, preventing slipping and occasional falling cans.

The power cut system allows the can opener to smoothly slice open any type of can.


  • Very easy to use
  • Easily slices through any type of can
  • Detachable lever
  • No maintenance required


  • No auto shut off feature
  • No additional features

Verdict: The best thing about the Cuisinart CCO-55 Deluxe Can Opener is that it has a detachable lever, which makes it a great choice for people who are clean freaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why won’t it open certain cans?

The only plausible explanation for this is the can not being positioned correctly. Always remember to put the can through the guide arm and then place the lid between the blade and the gear. If you follow it correctly, you are not going to have any problems opening a can.

2.  How do you remove the cutting assembly for cleaning?

If it is removable, you can raise the lever and then push the lever to whichever direction is necessary as required by your model and then it will pop out of its position.

3.  How do you remove the under-the-cabinet can opener from the mounting bracket? And where are the screws located?

To do that, follow these simple steps: raise the tab located at the center and then slide the can opener to the rear side.

The screws are located inside the top of the unit, if any. This part is normally the cord storage.

4.  Why are the screws so long?

Longer screws are always better for holding things together better. Majority of household items use longer screws for assembly primarily because they make them more secure.

5.  Why does the cutting assembly drop the can?

Again, this could be a result of not positioning the can correctly. The can should be placed according to the guidelines provided with the product.

6.  Will you be able to open large coffee cans?

Yes, with a tall can opener, you can open any large cans easily. A large can opener, however, may take up some extra space on your counter.

7.  Why doesn’t the blade pierce the can?

Most likely, your can opener has an auto shutdown feature that won’t let the blade pierce the can until the lever is pressed into the can, activate the turning mechanism.


We hope that our list has helped you choose the best electric can opener for large cans. Although any of the above-mentioned 4 can openers could work great for you, we would suggest evaluating your needs and budgetary limits first, and then choosing whichever can opener suits them the best.

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