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Best Electric Can Openers for Seniors

Adults may not have the strength to open cans at times. But you know what? These Best Electric Can Openers for Seniors make can opening easier for you.
Best Electric Can Openers for Seniors


It is no strange fact that seniors and elders have it difficult when it comes to electric appliances and products. Most products and appliances are mostly toughly built and are not easy to use if an older person is using them. Most elderly people have joint problems like arthritis and osteopenia (low bone density). This causes frustration and immense helplessness during simple day-to-day tasks.

Working in a kitchen requires can openers, which has also been a big source of pain and vexation for elderly people. It is incredibly tricky and often impossible for elderly people to use can openers due to their painful joint and bone problems. However, some electric can openers for seniors present in the market have a specific design for elderly people to make their day to day tasks easier and pain-free. Listed below are some of the best electric can openers for seniors to make their chores effortless and almost fun to do.

Our Top Picks

Designed in the sympathy and care for the pain-ridden elderly people and seniors, these electric can openers are a life savior for them. They make their kitchen chores fun and effortless while providing comfort and pain-free usage. They provide durability, and some even have the easy use of just a button press — a perfect feature for the pain-ridden bones.

3. Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Electric Automatic Can Opener

Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Electric Automatic Can Opener

Voted “Best Choice” by many elderly users, this can opener by Hamilton Beach is one of the perfect choices for its effortlessness, durability, and price point. Being one of the most top brands in the electric appliances industry, this product is extremely well-known. Users often name this as the most user-friendly appliance. Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, it bears only positive reviews and strong recommendations

This electric can opener is an impeccable electric appliance for cutting through tough lids. One of its most amazing features is that to ensure all-around usage safety, this can opener cuts through lids like butter and leaves the open edges smooth, without making them jagged and sharp that is great at preventing seniors from injuring their hands and fingers.

The thing that makes it a miracle worker for elderly people is that it simply holds and cuts through the cans by just pushing the top level on it. It is fantastic at firmly griping the can because it has a strong magnet. It requires no force and leaves zero chance of getting abrasions or cuts. Its quiet operation is also what makes it a number one electric appliance. There is room for uncertainty because it is the most amazing choice for elderly people.


  • Durable
  • Single push application
  • Accommodates all kitchen décor
  • Holds the can in a firm grip


  • Only available in one color

Durable Build: While most electric openers claim to be the best and the safest, they often tend to be tacky and shabby. They fall apart quite easily with just some minimal usage. Hamilton Beach makes sure that they provide you an electric can opener that will not only be a comfort to your painful tasks but be an option that will last a long time. This electric can opener is specially built with a rigid material that will ensure its durability. It is available in a beautiful and stylish chrome finish. Its durability is most definitely not at all affected by its light weight.

2. Proctor-Silex Power Electric Automatic Can Opener

Proctor-Silex Power Electric Automatic Can Opener

If the treatment for bone problems of elderly people wasn’t expensive enough, they get no mercy when we talk about appliances designed for them, and electric can openers are a no expense relief appliance. This is why this electric can opener by Proctor-Silex Power can be your new best friend. This is an electric can opener that is easy on the budget and easier on the applications.

This electric gadget is impeccable if you are working with a can of tall height. You just need to make sure that you have a hand on the can while opening it. This electric can opener comes with an easy twist lever that comes off effortlessly for cleaning purposes and a cord designed for storage. Furthermore, people praised this opener for its user-efficient slim design. It doesn’t occupy must space on your kitchen counters or cabinets. This is a dream come true electric appliance that will not be bulky and is perfect for users with a kitchen of small space.


  • Automatic shut-off
  • Easy to align
  • Can operate with various sized cans
  • Cord storage to reduce space coverage


  • Weak magnet holder

Built-In Knife Sharpener: A can opener is pretty useless if its blade gets dull and blunt. Most people throw their electric can openers away or even pay several bucks to get their blades sharpened, defeating the whole purpose of them being efficient and user-friendly. However, this electric can opener will exceed your expectation with its built-in knife sharpener. It is a multi-purpose electrical appliance. Hence, it can help you sharpen your kitchen knives after they become blunt.

1. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

An electric can opener that is compact, cheap, and a button start? It sounds like a bluff made by some unreliable company, doesn’t it? Well, when taking a look at Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener, you may change your mind. With its application made extremely easy with just a touch of a button, this electric can opener is the most suitable choice for elderly people and seniors.

The advanced features of this can opener make it extremely compact and efficient for use. This is the one most people suffering from arthritis and bone problems chose. With a small and easy storage design, this electric can opener will not take any extra space in your kitchen, whether on a countertop or a cabinet. It is extremely lightweight, weighing only 8.5 ounces. That only adds up further to its compact nature. To use this electric can opener, all you need to do is align the can to the can opener and push its button. That is it. When done cutting the lid, you need to push the same button again to stop.

People describe cleaning this electric can opener as an easy-breezy task. All you need to do is to just wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any residual substance from the can’s content if it catches any. It will prove to be an effortless device with its smooth can opening and the blade barely touching any of the can’s contents. Hence, it makes the whole process fast, clean, and brisk.


  • Compact build
  • Easy operation
  • Weighs only 8.5 ounces


  • A bit noisy to use

Smooth Edge Cut: Using a can opener is a dangerous task in various ways; one of it is the most dangerous of all. Often, many can openers are fast and brisk, by just opening cans in less than 60 seconds. However, they leave you with a can surface that is jagged, uneven, and pointy. All these surfaces can cause severe bleeding and pain cuts, lacerations, and abrasions. This electric can opener by Kitchen Mama realizes this danger and proves to be a miracle worker and leaves you with a can surface that is even and smooth, free of any pointy or jagged ends. It ensures the safety of the elderly people who are often afflicted with shaking hands. These can cause very painful cuts if they handle sharp and pointy edges. After using this, you will be left with nothing but a smooth and open can, your safety intact, and no cuts or abrasions.

Buyer’s Guide

You can very easily get scammed if you are looking for an electric can opener that will live up to your expectations. You can often end up with a gadget that is utterly useless, loud, leaves you with a jagged half-opened can, and is a hassle to use. Most of the time, you can get stuck with something that will take eons to open your can. Additionally, it may occupy a lot of space due to its bulky build and be messy.

When buying an electric can opener that will be deft and effortless for the use of the elderly people, you need to know some important factors for choosing the best pick. This is why we have compiled some important buying factors below that will help you. These will guide you to ensure that you locate a product that will meet your needs and expectations.


This is the most important key factor in choosing a can if you have arthritis or you’re buying for an elderly person who is suffering from it. Most electric can openers claim all the keywords and essentials in their ads. However, some of these products are clearly not for deft use when they arrive. You need to make sure that the features mentioned claim that the use is specifically designed for people with arthritis, elders, and senior citizens.

An electric can opener designed for elderly people will have an easy application of a button or a lever. These will require the least amount of force to turn it on. The best electric can opener for seniors should have a firm grip for securing the cans to the can opener. That way, the user will not feel the can’s weight.


A good electric can opener must be lightweight. The person using it must not feel the weight of both the can they are using and the can opener. It should also be compact in design and easy to hold. Most electric can openers work wonderfully when it comes to effortless usage and looks. However, they are often so heavy and bulky that it makes it a hassle and a painful task for the user to shift them or move them if they are not compact.


You can very easily get an electric can opener that will be a dream appliance and work like a charm for a while. But most electric can openers are known to be great initially with the first few uses. However, they completely break down after a while and prove to be shabby and tacky. To determine that you have a good and reliable can opener, you need to ensure the material of it should be tough and of good quality.

Opening a can is a task that is done several times a day. If a can opener is not durable, you can easily end up with a broken appliance and unopened cans. The electric can opener’s durability plays a huge role in the performance of all of its users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Should my electric can opener have cord storage?

We recommended that you should choose an electric can opener equipped with a storable cord. Not only will it make the whole process of it taking out the electric can opener and putting it back easy, but it will also ensure that you have an appliance that doesn’t take up too much space on the kitchen countertop or your storage cabinets.

2.  What is a noise level of a can opener?

The noise level of an electric can opener is the amount of noise it produces while.

 opening up a can. Most electric can openers can be very loud and noisy and prove to be very shaky during the process. The noise level of a good electric can opener should be minimum to none.

3.  Can elderly people or people with arthritis use standard electric can openers?

It is inadvisable to do so. People with arthritis have very weak joints, as well as most elderly people. Normal can openers often have a very hassling and challenging usage process. They require a lot of force to push and pull, which a person who has arthritis or an older person cannot do. That is why electric can openers that are designed especially for that purpose are a better choice.

4.  Do all electric can openers open all sizes of cans?

No. Most electric can openers will charge you the same, cause hassles while using, and be bulky to store. However, they will not be multi-use when opening cans of various sizes. Very few electric can openers have the advanced feature of having the griper that you can adjust to the size of the lid of the can and a blade strong enough to cut through the different densities of the materials of different cans.

5.  How to clean the blade of a can opener?

Cleaning the blade of an electric can opener is a very risky task. The blade of the can opener is very sharp and can cause very severe lacerations and deep cuts. You can clean the can opener’s blade with a damp cloth that is mostly free of any extra water and run it through the blade in a very gentle and light motion. You need to be very careful of the very sharp edges of the blade. Make sure never to put your palms or your fingers near the edge of them.


Elders and seniors are often very troubled when choosing appliances that will work efficiently with them. Hence, picking out an electric can opener can be a difficult task to do. A good electric can opener for seniors must have the deft touch to work with fragile and delicate hands while having the efficiency of any standard electric can opener.

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