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Best Spatulas for Cast Iron

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Best Spatulas for Cast Iron


Nowadays, cast-iron cookware has become a favorite of many and graces many kitchens. It is a beautiful and sturdy choice for baking, grilling, and cooking. However, you need a good spatula to work with it. The right type spatula will do wonders to help you make the best use of your cast-iron cookware.

Once you are working with spatulas, you will come across various issues. They range from spatulas suddenly melting due to plastic usage in them, not being strong enough to press meat, or breaking under some force.

Due to these problems, many seek the best spatula for cast iron that will withstand all these tests. We are here to bring you a list that may help you out.

Best Spatulas for Cast Iron

Cooking utensils come in an endless range and have numerous brands. Hence, it can quickly become challenging to navigate through the vast range of models. We have narrowed down the four best spatulas you can use for cast-iron cookware.

4. Mannkitchen Professional Grade Stainless Steel Spatula 

Mannkitchen Professional Grade Stainless Steel Spatula

The Mannkitchen professional spatula is excellent for cast iron. It is one heavy-duty utensil that will be of use for even novice home cooks. Its dimensions are 11.5×2.9×1.5 inches, which prepares this spatula to be ideal for sizeable cast-iron cookware. It weighs 1.12 ounces and is hefty enough to put together smashed burgers and robust enough to attempt hard scraping.

The spatula contains a sole piece of hardwood handle that will not melt or bend like plastic handles. It also doesn’t heat up when you crank up the cast iron to a high temperature. The handle comes tapered to give a firm yet comfortable grip.


  • High quality
  • Durable


  • Needs proper handwashing

Ultimate Strengthening: One of the top things about this spatula is its build of fortified stainless steel, which makes it the correct tool for scraping, and it will last longer as it is highly resistant to wear. The sharp non-flexible rim of the Mannkitchen spatula assures an evenly administered force. That makes it easier to flip food, particularly big things like large slabs of meat. The gauge steel in it also reduces the flexibility of this spatula.

3. HIC Harold Import Co. Dexter-Russel Pancake Turner Stainless Steel

HIC Harold Import Co. Dexter-Russel Pancake Turner Stainless Steel

The Dexter-Russel spatula by HIC Harold Import Co. will work well with your cast-iron cookware. Created from stainless steel, this spatula is thick enough for you to utilize it for many heavier undertakings than just flipping pancakes. You can single out the Dexter-Russel spatula out from the lot owing to its incredibly well-designed handle.

The walnut handle is connected with three latches and will stay with you for quite some time. The square structure of this spatula enables you to balance your cast-iron pan over time. It will go under food without scratching the cast iron. It has the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Long-lasting


  • No beveled edges

Vast Size Range: Apart from its fantastic construction and enhanced durability, this spatula comes in various sizes. You can choose the size according to your needs. While it offers three sizes, we recommend you go with the largest five-inch one as it’s an all-purpose tool. If you have small pans, you can go for the mini turner or the pancake turner. Nevertheless, the larger the spatula, the heavier tasks it can attempt.

2. Anmarko Professional Metal Spatula Set

Anmarko Professional Metal Spatula Set

Anmarko offers a complete set to make your cast iron cooking time the best experience. It comprises a cooking spatula turner, a grill spatula, and lastly, one griddle scraper. With this fantastic variation of utensils arriving in one kit, the Anmarko set may just be the only thing you might need to deal with your cast iron.

These spatulas are generally for professional chefs, but home cooks can also enjoy this creation. These Anmarko spatulas are prepared from stainless steel and are non-reactive and hygienic. The spatula can slide smoothly under crepes, meat pieces, fish, or anything you wish to cook.


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Lightweight


  • Tends to heat up a little

High-Grade Materials: As this set is made from professional-grade material, the griddle scraper contains beveled edges, which aids in easy flipping and cutting up food during cooking. The cooking spatula has round edges to make flipping soft foods easy, such as eggs. The wooden grips also have ergonomic formation and feel comfortable in hand. Additionally, the wooden handles feature a hole that makes for easy storage if you prefer kitchen tools hanging for hassle-free access. Moreover, the handles are thick with stainless steel locks.

1. Earlywood Multipurpose Wood Cooking Utensil

Earlywood Multipurpose Wood Cooking Utensil

As the name indicates, the Earlywood cooking equipment is a wooden spatula that is another suitable choice for cast irons. Wooden spatulas that contain sharp ends and a square structure like the Earlywood can be beneficial as a food flipper or cast-iron skillet scraper. They can help you to scrape all the good stuff stuck to the pan.

The Earlywood spatula is very reliable, and you can use it for crushing things like garlic and dicing beef. This spatula is very strong at 0.5 inches thick and has an elliptical body to secure a nice and firm grip while cooking.


  • Beautiful wood look
  • Versatile


  • Requires hand washing and maintenance

Amazing Design: The Earlywood spatula has a unique layout, which is satisfactory for both left and right-handed users. While it may be a tad short, it does have enough advantage in its design that allows you to slide almost half of it under your food and flip it without any problem. The product is designed with the utmost ease in mind. Earlywood is also a sustainable name and an excellent choice for many beginners and skilled cooks.

Why Is It Important To Use the Right Spatula for Cast Iron?

Once you start working with a cast-iron skillet, it does not take you long to discern that it requires particular attention. Cast iron is an extremely durable substance, and it can keep heat longer than conventional pan materials do. Thus, you can use it for cooking at extremely high temperatures. Also, cast iron is non-stick if you spare some time to season it appropriately.

As cast iron has a spongy surface, it has to have a balance to become non-stick. The cast-iron seasoning method calls for putting oil on the surface of the cast-iron appliance and warming it up for some time to obtain a good coating over the jagged surface of the pan. Seasoning also impedes cast iron from rusting as water or other fluids with even the tiniest percentage of acids can influence it. However, seasoning is not sufficient; to get nicer results and get an even cast-iron over time, it is crucial to use the correct spatula.

If you go with a well-shaped and strong spatula, you will balance the high spots and obtain a non-stick pan by enhancing the cooking area. If you wish for less time seasoning the cast-iron cookware and more time putting it to its intended use, go with a square-shaped spatula with sharper edges for the best outcomes. You will notice the surface of your pan evening out over time and irregularities on the surface disappearing.

Buyer’s Guide

While spatulas seem like a straightforward enough utensil, you need to consider some factors when you want a spatula for cast iron. These factors can significantly affect the overall performance, quality, and durability of your spatula. So, make sure you do not ignore them.


The substance of the spatula is crucial if you want to even out the surface of your cast iron with every use. Strengthened stainless steel is the best bet if you are seeking a heavy spatula to use for scraping. Unhardened steel is weaker than cast iron, and the surface of your pan will not profit from it. Instead, the rims of an unhardened steel spatula will deteriorate every time you use it, causing it to lose its quality.

Plastic spatulas are a big no for your cast-iron skillet as they get too hot and tend to melt. Then come the wooden spatulas, and if they are strong enough, they can be an excellent option for cast-iron pans as long as you do not want to level out the pan’s surface. Wooden spatulas are generally for cooking delicate food.

Spatula’s Shape

The profile of the spatula is of high significance if you wish to improve the cooking surface. The square-shaped spatula with pointed edges is the best option. When you are working with a spatula that has a round edge, the touching point of the utensil and pan is very small. Therefore, this shape is not adequate for leveling out the surface.


A spatula with beveled edges is desirable as it not only lets you scrape off all the stuff left on the pan but also is simpler to slide under food. Moreover, you can utilize beveled and sharp edges to chop food. If you do not want a very precise job of scraping and flipping, you can go for spatulas with no beveled edges.


1.  Can you go with metal spatulas for cast iron?

Yes, you can, but we advise to always season the cast iron before usage. If you are using a new, unseasoned cast iron that you just seasoned, however, then you should go with a gentle wood utensil.

2.  How do I wash my stainless steel spatula?

Wash the stainless steel cookware in warm, soapy water with a quarter cup of vinegar to eliminate any traces of manufacturing oils. Rinse it thoroughly and then dry with a soft towel.

3.  Should I oil the cast iron after every use?

The best thing you can do is to simply cook with it. Every time you cook with oil, you create another layer to the seasoning, so there is no need for excessive oiling.

4.  Should my cast iron be sticky after seasoning?

If the seasoning in the pan is sticky, it is an indication of excessive oil accumulation on the cookware. To remedy this stickiness, place the cookware upside down on the top rack of the oven and bake at 450-500 degrees for an hour. Let it cool and repeat if necessary.

5.  How much flexibility should my cast-iron spatula have?

Spatulas are generally very flexible utensils, but for cast iron usage, they need to have the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness. You need to be able to flip thick meat pieces or delicate eggs.

6.  How do I take care of a cast-iron pan?

Here is a general cleanup tip for cast irons: Rinse with warm water and remove the sticky bits using a brush or scraper. If the food is hard to get out, salt and oil scrub, rinse again and wipe it clean. Dry out your cast-iron pan and coat with a thin sheen of oil. Store it for the next usage.

Final Words

Cooking with cast iron can be a lot of fun, and with the right spatula, you can improve your experience tenfold. Choosing the correct spatula and maintaining it well will result in you having both your cast-iron cookware and spatula long term. Kitchen utensils require some added tools so you can have the best outcome while cooking and a spatula and cast iron are one of those pairings that go hand in hand.

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