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The 4 Best Spatula for Smash Burgers

Different delicacies ask for different spatulas. Get yourself the Best Spatula for Smash Burgers here!
The 4 Best Spatula for Smash Burgers


Have you been trying to make that perfect smash burger they serve at your favorite smash burger restaurant? While smash burgers have become a new trend in cooking, savoring the taste buds of people every day, a lot of them try to replicate it at home. Even if you manage to get the right taste and perfect spices, it still might not turn out right.

That’s where smash burger spatulas come in!

Expert chefs across the world use spatulas to make the topnotch smash burgers. That’s the secret tool used in making delicious smash burgers. Your omelet or pancake spatula will not work very well for smash burgers as they can only be made with specific types of spatulas.

With a number of spatulas and similar products out there, it can be quite challenging to pick the right one. We are here to help you choose the best spatula for smash burgers.

Top 4 Smash Burgers Spatula

Read our in-depth reviews of the top 4 smash burger spatulas to make an informed purchase:

4. Lamson Wide Grill Turner

Lamson Wide Grill Turner

The first best spatula for smash burgers on our list is Lamson Wide Grill Turner. It is a great investment to make because it is totally worth it. A Lamson spatula will last for a long time and make you a kitchen expert.

It comes with a wide turner that is all you need for making a smash burger. With its ideal 5 x 6 inches size, you can turn your smash burger without breaking it off.

It features a strong and sturdy construction, making it equally great to use for kitchens and grills. Also, it has a hardened and tempered design. So if you are looking for a large and rigid smash burger turner, this turner has all the qualities you need. As it is adequately weighted, you need not exert a lot of pressure to get a delicious crust.

Made of high carbon stainless steel, there is going to be no scratch for a long time. Even if you use it daily, it works as great as a new Lamson spatula. It has a hard riveted walnut wooden handle so it is firm to handle and resistant to heat. Also, the color of wood remains the same even after years of use.

The perfect bevel shape and design helps slide the spatula under your food in a go!


  • Hardened and tempered design
  • Strong and sturdy wooden handle
  • Perfect bevel shape


  • Not dishwasher safe

Does Not Work Well with Dishwashers: Here’s something you need to be careful of. This Lamson spatula might not clean itself in the dishwasher, given the wooden handle. It is best to wash it with hand to remove all the oil and food leftovers.

3. Dexter Russell 31655H Turner

Dexter Russell 31655H Turner

Dexter Russel 31655H Turner gives a tough competition to Lamson with its strong construction and durable carbon steel material. With its large size ( 6 x 5 inches) and heavy weight, this spatula is definitely close to what you call the best smash burger spatula.

Even though it is designed for smash burgers, it also delivers general use in the kitchen. You can use it to make perfect grilled chicken, pancakes, fish fillets and even cake. If you are specifically looking for something firm and durable, this spatula makes the perfect choice.

Made of stainless steel, this spatula will definitely stand the test of the time. Even if you use it really frequently, it is going to make a long term smash burgers partner. Also, it is really sharp which makes it easier to slip underneath the food and flip in a go.

Moreover, it is heat resistant for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and so, you need not worry about excessive heat reaching out to your hand. We highly recommend this turner if you are looking for a smash burger spatula in specific but a great spatula in general.

With its stain-resistant blade and dishwasher safe properties, it is really easy to use and clean.


  • Carbon steel construction
  • Heat resistant up to 500 degrees
  • Heat, stain and slip resistant
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Weighs a bit heavier

Slip-Resistant Handle: What makes Dexter Russel Turner stand out is its slip-resistant handle. Coming with a protective finger guard, it keeps your thumb from slipping and away from the heated cooking area. It is highly affordable and makes a worthy investment!

2. Victorinox Turner

Victorinox Turner

Victorinox Turner is a stylish spatula yet comes with all the qualities you need in the best smash burger spatula. With its premium quality built, it makes a great choice for expert chefs as well as amateurs.

Measuring 4 x 5 inches, this is a bit smaller than Lamson and Dexter spatula but is ideal to turn and flip your smash burgers. You can smash your beef ball into a thin patty with great ease. Put it in your burger bun and that’s it. Top it up with your favorite sauces and cheese to get a delicious smash burger in minutes.

The blade is made of stainless steel. It is flat yet solid and sharp which makes it a versatile kitchen tool. With its sharp edges, you can easily slide underneath your patty without scraping any material off your grill. Whether you are smashing your burgers or simply flipping them, this Victorinox Turner will come handy!

The handle is made of wood. Securely placed, it offers non slip, heat resistant and firm handling.


  • Sharp edges for easy slide
  • Wooden handle
  • Heat and slip resistant
  • 1-year warranty


  • Takes time to get handy

Comes with a 1 Year Warranty: There are a few kitchen tools that offer warranty and this stainless steel, wooden smash burger spatula is one of them. You can rest assured that it is a durable spatula and you won’t need to use the warranty, except any manufacturing or delivering issues. Otherwise, even after a year, it renders great use.

1. Winco TN719 Turner

Winco TN719 Turner

Winco has been in the kitchen tools industry for over 20 years and has earned a great reputation. If you are a smash burgers lover looking for a quality spatula, Winco TN719 Turner is the ideal choice.

It is a sturdy spatula made of premium quality stainless steel. The handle is made of wood, offering a firm grip. With its sharp edges, flipping your burgers is a breeze. Whether you use it on a grill or skillet, it does not scrape off any material.

Even though it is highly affordable, it is a one-time investment. Given its durable construction, Winco Turner will be your kitchen partner for years. Moreover, it offers a great use when dealing with omelets, eggs, pancakes and fillets, etc. This makes it a kind of spatula that offers a wider range of purposes.

However, it is not a flexible tool. And, it might seem like a downside but it really isn’t. You do not require flexibility for smashing your patty but strength and reliability, which this spatula offers.


  • Wooden slip resistant handle
  • Sharp and firm edges
  • Best for use in small spaces


  • Less wide than others on the list

Only 3 Inches Wide: Well, this can be a pro as well as a downside, depending on your use and requirement. Measuring 6 x 3 inches. It is not as wide as most of the smash burger spatulas but if you have a small-sized grill, the wider blades might not be suitable. Therefore, it makes a great choice if you are getting a spatula for your home kitchen. Overall, this metal turner has received wonderful reviews and makes a considerable option for smash burger spatulas. 

Spatula for Smash Burgers FAQs

1.  Which is the best spatula for cast iron?

If you are going to buy a spatula for your cast iron cooking area or utensil, it is best to get a stainless steel spatula. It is not only strong and durable but also lightweight and easy to handle.

2.  Why is it important to get a heat-resistant spatula?

A heat-resistant spatula prevents hand burns. Also, it protects your spatula from melting or warping. Always pick heat-resistant material for spatula handle.

3.  What is the ideal size of a smash burger spatula?

It is good to get a wide spatula for smash burgers. This allows easy flipping without breaking your smash burger patty. The most common and ideal size is 6 x 5 inches.

4.  Are smash burger spatulas dishwasher safe?

Most of the smash burger spatulas are dishwasher safe but not all of them. So before you buy a spatula, do not forget to check if it is dishwasher safe.

5.  Why should I get a nonslip spatula?

A nonslip spatula, basically the handle, makes sure it does not slip off your hand when turning your smash burgers. It offers a firm and strong grip.

6.  Does the size of my hand matter when picking a spatula?

Yes, that’s one thing you must take into consideration. Only the spatula handle that fits perfectly well offers a firm grip.

Final Words 

When you say smash burger, the name seems pretty cool. But did you know that they actually smash the burgers? For that, you need a sturdy and thick tool. Smash burger spatulas are less common as the trend has just begun. Therefore, it is important that you pick the right one.

Above mentioned are the top 5 smash burger spatulas coming with everything you need in a spatula. Get the one that fits best to your requirements and gear up to make some flavorful and mouth watering smash burgers at home!

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