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Best Spatula for Non-Stick Pans

Aren’t spatulas a vital accessory for your kitchen? You can find the Best Spatula for Non Stick Pans by reading these thorough reviews!
Best Spatula for Non-Stick Pans


The spatula is a tool which is often taken for granted. It is readily available in anybody’s kitchen and is a piece of must-have equipment for cooking. Whether it is making pancakes, eggs, tortillas, burgers; or scraping and cleaning batter from the bowls, this handy little equipment is something you are always going to need.

But there is a wide range of spatulas available in the market and an expert knows which spatula to use in what situation. If you are grilling, then you will want to have a heat resistant spatula with a considerably long handle to flip your burgers. If you are into baking then a frosting spatula is best suited for baking tasks. If you just want something to help you with your breakfast like cooking egg and pancake in a non-stick pan, then a simple turner spatula will do its job.

It is downright impossible to imagine what you can do in your kitchen without this handy tool. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the 5 best spatulas for non stick pans that will help you in making your work easier in the kitchen. If you are considering buying a spatula, consider these options from our list.

5. Di Oro Designer Series Silicone Turner Spatula

Di Oro Designer Series Silicone Turner Spatula

Flipping the food is a work of art and even chefs have a hard time perfecting it over time. To make sure that your pancake does not fall off, use a foolproof spatula which is exactly what this spatula is. For beginners, the Di Oro is a nice turner spatula that is specifically used for flipping omelets, pancakes and tortillas.

It has a very big surface area which makes sure that nothing falls off of it. This makes it very stable. So even if you are not an expert, you can easily flip your pancakes. The built quality is amazing and it is made of food-grade silicone made from BPA free materials. The handling is very easy and the handle is very ergonomic.  The surface is non-stick and it is very easy to clean just by pouring water on it.

This tool is designed keeping in mind the comfort and high-quality materials necessary for cooking at high temperatures. Therefore, it can withstand a heat of 600 degrees. The thumb rest area on the handle is very conveniently placed.  Additionally, the surface which is itself non-stick helps in more easy cooking as the food won’t stick on the spatula. The design is one piece and you will not have to worry about parts falling off from it.


  • Dishwashing safe
  • High-quality food-grade materials
  • Very durable
  • Small build
  • Non-stick surface


  • The handle is very short

Wide head: This is an all-purpose spatula that can be used for lifting cookies, stirring vegetables, and many more. That is all made possible due to the wide non-stick head that makes sure everything stays on it.

4. KitchenVIA Spatula

KitchenVIA Spatula

Even though it is advertised as a mini spatula, it is not a small-sized tool. The mini refers to the design of the spatula. The KitchenVIA spatula is a great place to start with if you are a novice. The design is a long and very narrow neck which means that if you love baking, then it will be a great choice for making cookies and brownies.

The design with an inclined front end of the spatula makes it easier to get it under the food and makes scraping easy. Therefore, you will be able to get your cookies off the sheet without breaking them

The build quality is amazing and it has a nonstick finish made of metal. The handle is very ergonomic that keeps your hands at a level where they won’t strain too much.


  • The company offers a risk-free guarantee
  • Slim design
  • No-slip grip
  • Non-stick finish


  • Feels very light and delicate and may break under pressure

Best for scrapping cookies: This spatula has a beveled and thin design that makes it the best fit for scraping off cookies and brownies without breaking or tearing them.

3. Fox Run Cookie Spatula

Fox Run Cookie Spatula

If you are a baker, then look no further. If you like simple to use designs with nothing too fancy other than its functionality, then this is what you should look forward to buying. This spatula is a nice choice for cooking brownies, cookies and other baked foods. Keep in mind though that the size is quite large but still it scraps off the cookies from the sheet very easily.

This spatula won’t be too hard on your pockets as it is very affordable as well. While the price is very reasonable, it doesn’t cut on quality. The build quality is awesome and it is made of heavy-duty materials. The wooden handle is what I like most about this spatula. The curved handle also gives a pleasant aesthetic look to it and the thin surface easily gets beneath your food.

It looks nice, feels great, and works amazingly.


  • Wooden and stainless steel design
  • Sturdy build and made from high-quality materials
  • A considerably wide head
  • Beveled edges
  • Budget-friendly


  • None that we can see

Foxy looks and a reasonable price: What distinguishes this spatula from its competition are its looks. The curved neck looks very premium and it comes with a reasonable price as well.

2. Oxo Good Grips Silicone Cookie Spatula

Oxo Good Grips Silicone Cookie Spatula

The Di Oro and Oxo good grip are very similar to each other at least in terms of design. If you are looking for another high-quality spatula with a silicone design, then this is your next best choice. This is perfect for lifting pancakes and scraping cookies.

We think that it is the best spatula for scraping cookies. Why? Because of the design; the head is edgy on one end and pointy on the other which helps to lift the cookies without breaking it. Furthermore, it is a silicone-based spatula so if you have a non-stick pan, it would be a pleasant experience to use this with the pan. The non-stick material on both the pan and spatula helps in making cooking easy.

We liked the small size of this thing as it is very easy to handle especially if you have a small pan with a lot of things inside. But if you have a larger pan, you might prefer the larger variant of the Oxo.

One thing we didn’t like was that the grip and flipper are two separate pieces and there is a metal neck in between. This can cause the food to get stuck between the crevices. You are not likely to have an issue if you wash it regularly, but we did notice some retention of smell in the parts where the metal and silicone meet.  Just wash them with hot water and the smell will go away. The silicone of the flipper is also very thin which makes it more susceptible to breaking. Although we don’t have much to complain as it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Simple design
  • No stick spatula for non-stick pans
  • Very affordable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Silicone tends to wear out much more quickly

Versatile head design: The head of this spatula is designed to fit multiple uses. It is curved and pointy on each of its ends which can be used for multiple purposes like scrapping panning and lifting as well.

1.  Bakelicious Nylon Spatula

Bakelicious Nylon Spatula

If you are someone who prefers looks over anything, then have a look at this Nylon spatula. This spatula comes in a purple color design which is an eye candy and increases the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen. The bright purple color attracts the eyes of the beholder. But that isn’t what you buy a spatula for. How about the performance then?

We tested this one quite roughly and it turned out to be an extremely solid tool. It also comes at an ideal price as well. The spatula is best suited for non-stick pans as the soft spatula head works well with the non-stick pan and doesn’t scrape off the Teflon coating. Overall it is a spatula with nice looks and great performance.


  • Food safety nylon build
  • Bright purple colors
  • Dishwashing safe
  • Highly durable


  • The handle is very short and only suitable for small pans

Amazing looks: This spatula comes in a bright eye-catching color. If you are concerned about keeping your kitchen beautiful then this spatula is something you should consider buying.


1.  Are a spatula and a turner the same thing?

Yes, both are the same thing. The only difference is that a turner refers to a specific type of spatula that is used for turning and flipping foods like pancakes.

2.  How do I clean a wooden spatula?

Do remember that while wooden utensils are a great choice for a kitchen, water does seep through them.  If you want to clean wooden spatulas, soak them in warm water and wash it with soap thoroughly. Dry them as much as you can to prevent the degradation of wood.

3.  I have limited space in my kitchen and don’t want to store multiple spatulas. Which type is the most versatile?

If you want a multipurpose spatula, we would advise you to get a silicone spatula that is heat resistant. A good example of this would be a fish spatula that can cook various delicate and delicious foods.

4.  Can I use a metal spatula with my cast-iron cookware?

Cast ironware is incredibly durable and metal utensils cannot damage them. Your only concern with metal spatulas will be with non-stick pans as they can remove the Teflon coating from them.

5.  Are there any green/eco-friendly spatulas?

If you want eco-friendly spatulas, your best shot is to get a wooden or bamboo-made spatulas. In your case, you should do a little bit of research on the brand whether they have responsible farming and recyclable packaging.

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