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Gas Range With Double Oven Reviews

Do you have a family that enjoys dining at home and having visitors over for a big family lunch or supper every Saturday? Get the Best Double Gas Oven today to make warming food easier for you.
Gas Range With Double Oven Reviews


Do you run a family that loves eating at home and are fond of welcoming guests every weekend for a grand family lunch/dinner? If yes, we understand how hard it must be to manage a 24/7 running kitchen and the rest of the house together. Also, with a single gas oven, it must be hard to manage different food items. We suggest you buy the best double gas oven for a busy kitchen like yours, and we have solid reasons for our recommendation.

A double gas oven is a miracle in every way. With this oven, the user gets to enjoy two ranges in one single setup. Yes, you read that right! The best double oven gas is one that has two fully operating ovens and a stove at the top, with, in some designs only, a warm drawer to keep your food warm after it’s cooked.

Gas is a far cheaper resource than electricity, and food cooks well in ovens that operate on gas. The best double oven gas’ manufacture keeps in mind those households or professional kitchens that run on a budget and have to cook for a large group of people every other day. People don’t only save on money, but they also get to enjoy two ovens in one single kitchen.

These ovens are usually suitable for average-sized kitchens, which means space isn’t an issue with the best double oven gas. These ovens are also highly efficient when compared to standard ranges. The user can enjoy cooking and baking at the same time without worrying about uncooked food. A double gas oven also saves a lot of time. Baking two dishes at one time is far more efficient than baking the second one only when the first one is ready.

A double gas oven is a great invention for times like today when life is quite busy and managing everything together is a task. Below are our double oven gas range reviews. We have listed our top four best double gas ovens for you.

Gas Range With Double Oven Reviews

4. LG LDG4315ST 30-Inch Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range

LG LDG4315ST 30-Inch Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range

This is our best double oven gas for a lot of reasons. If you want to bake like a professional, this oven is a great choice for you. With five burners and a capacity of 6.9 cubic feet, you enjoy flawless baking with this double gas oven. Its heating element is fixed at the back of this oven rather than at the bottom. This placing is pretty promising because it enables a better distribution of heat between the two ovens.

LG LDG4315ST is a freestanding gas range, which means you can place wherever you feel like. You don’t require any kitchen counter. The capacity of 6.9 cubic feet is pretty generous when it comes to the spacing needed to cook and bake many dishes simultaneously.

The design and outlook of this oven are also worth your investment. There are glass touch controls on the oven. The placement of these controls is strategic so that the user doesn’t end up burning his/her hands before going towards the cooking surface. The interior and exterior of this oven consist of strong stainless steel, which makes it highly durable.


  • LG LDG4315ST is an attractive looking double gas oven.
  • The controls on this oven are quite convenient to use.
  • The heat capacity is pretty high and distributed equally among the two ovens, which means every item baked or cooked is a success.
  • It is a spacious oven, best for cooking and baking many dishes at one time.
  • EasyClean Technology is quite an advantage.


  • The burner knobs are very sensitive and heat up very easily.

EasyClean Technology: This feature probably is the most amazing feature this oven has. Very rare in a double gas oven, the EasyClean Technology ensures the stove’s cleaning process happens as quickly as possible. The user doesn’t have to put in extra effort, and the oven cleans itself up within minutes.

3. Samsung Appliance NY58J9850WS 30-Inch Slide-in Dual-Fuel Range

Samsung Appliance NY58J9850WS 30-Inch Slide-in Dual-Fuel Range

If you are currently going through cooking and baking worries, with Samsung NY58J9850WS in your kitchen, you will forget all your problems. This oven is a dual oven, which means it can run on both electricity and gas. The dual functionality makes this oven quite convenient for those who wish to do cooking and baking at the same time.

Samsung NY58J9850WS is a slide-in oven, which means you will require a kitchen counter to fix this. It has five sealed burners that distribute heat evenly between both ovens. The top oven is 2.4 cubic feet in size, while the lower oven is 3.3 cubic feet.

Both the ovens have separate flex doors, which makes cooking and baking very comfortable and flexible. The interior and exterior of this oven consist of stainless steel. This implies that this oven is highly durable. Also, it is very easy to clean, as well. For users who worry about their ranges using a lot of electricity every month, this hybrid oven is an excellent choice for them to buy.


  • The hybrid design of this oven makes it a super flexible product to keep in your kitchen.
  • The warming drawer is a great feature and very helpful.
  • This oven is pretty easy to clean and maintain because of its stainless steel body.


  • Samsung NY58J9850WS is comparatively expensive.

Warming Drawer: This oven has quite an innovative feature, and that is a warming drawer. This drawer helps you to keep the food warm once it is ready. This feature is quite rare with double gas ovens, but Samsung ensured to include it into its design and add value.

2. ZLINE 48-Inch Gas Burner/Electric Oven Range

ZLINE 48-Inch Gas Burner/Electric Oven Range

This oven consists of three layers of thick glass and has the feature of a dual lighting system. The use of stainless steel over its body ensures that the cleaning process of this oven is easy. Stainless steel also saves this oven from any corrosion. This unit has seven burners, and all burners deliver 150,000 BTU in total. This means that this oven provides more than adequate fire for cooking and sautéing vegetables at the same time.

There is a one-piece cooktop made from porcelain. The porcelain surface is hard to scratch and is very easy to clean, making this oven suitable for all kinds of cooking environments. This oven also has a cast iron grill, which is very strong. This is a heavy-duty grill that has a long-lasting life. The grill is exceptionally durable and has the strength to take up all kinds of weight. The grill’s built-in griddle ensures the grease is under control, making this oven extremely easy to clean.

This is a commercial-grade oven, and even the most famous chefs consider it one of the finest appliances. The pre-heat function, cooling system integrated with the range, metal knobs, and dual capillary have made this kitchen appliance pretty famous among professional chefs.


  • This oven is designed to create special recipes.
  • The stainless body ensures that the oven remains rust-proof.
  • The pre-heat feature makes this oven pretty useful for professional kitchens.
  • This is a high-performance oven.


  • This is an expensive oven because of its Italian making.

Handcrafted Burners: All burners in this oven are handcrafted and imported from Italy. These are all superior-quality burners that come with a premium quality alloy to produce efficient and strong flames. You can remove these Italian burners easily for cleaning purposes.

1. Verona Prestige VPFSGE365DSS 36-Inch Dual Fuel Range

Verona Prestige VPFSGE365DSS 36-Inch Dual Fuel Range

As the name already suggests, Verona Prestige VPFSGE365DSS is made in Italy. This oven consists of a stainless steel build and is a gorgeous and well-constructed oven with a unique layout. It has five sealed burners with an output of 52,000 BTU.

It has an electronic ignition system that makes this oven very convenient to use. This oven also has an LP kit included in its setup. The oven handles and knobs have a chrome coating, making this oven a safe appliance to use.


  • This is a safe and durable oven to use.
  • The inbuilt electronic ignition makes this oven very convenient for baking and cooking.
  • Its knobs have a chrome coating for an excellent finish and resistance against corrosion.
  • The adjustable stainless steel legs make this oven easy to move from one place to another.


  • This is an expensive oven when it comes to the features it offers.
  • It is heavier than many ovens.

Digital Clock and Timer: VPFSGE365DSS has a digital timer and clock installed in it. You can preset the timer according to the cooking plan. Having a timer is a relief for many home bakers who have many things to do all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the target market of double gas ovens?

Double gas ovens are perfect for both professional and home cooks and bakers. There is no specific target market, but they suit those who have a busy kitchen and require quick meal preparations every day.

2.  Are double gas ovens more expensive than single gas ovens?

Since they are two ovens in one body, double gas ovens are far more expensive. But it’s not just their price that matters. The performance, features, and workability of double gas ovens are far better than single gas ovens.

3.  What features to look for when buying a double gas oven?

Start from the features, which include its structure, design, and interior. Look for the kind of safety it provides its user and whether it’s easy to clean or not. Then find and read various performance reviews of that particular double gas oven. This is important to make sure what people like you think about the oven. Then go about analyzing its price. Compare its price with other similar ovens in the market. This will help you decide whether the double gas oven you like is worth your money.

4.  Are freestanding ovens better than slide-in?

It depends on the kind of kitchen you have. Freestanding ovens have an easy installation as you can place them wherever there is space in the kitchen. Slide-in range ovens require a kitchen counter to install. So, it all comes down to the design of the space where these ovens are to be placed. Other than this, both types have two ranges, with the upper oven often slightly smaller than the lower one.

5.  Do weight and dimensions matter when buying a double gas oven?

Like any other appliance, weight, and dimensions do matter, but it depends on the user’s preferences. Some customers don’t give importance to these two things because they have ample space to accommodate a double gas oven, while some do, and they make sure that they buy a range that is lighter and smaller.

6.  Does the brand name matter when buying a double gas oven?

It does matter when the brand is famous for producing top quality ovens. But we always recommend reading the specifications and features of a double gas oven irrespective of its brand name. You never know when a small unknown brand might surprise you.


Just a few years back, we used to hear about double gas ovens in professional kitchens only, but now, times have changed. An ordinary housewife or a home-based baker can also enjoy the power and efficiency that a double gas oven offers.

Choosing the best double oven gas from a sea of many can be quite daunting, but we hope our reviews set a direction for you, and now you are ready to explore a bit more about these ovens. Buying a gas range can be expensive, so ensure that the final choice you make is worth all your investment.

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