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Best Double Oven Gas Range

Are you on the hunt for the Best Double Oven Gas Range? We know they’re a necessity today. Get one for yourself here.
Best Double Oven Gas Range


If you are someone who loves to cook a home-cooked meal every day or host family and friends on all kinds of occasions, you will probably know how important it is to have an amazing oven in your kitchen. Having an oven that is high-functioning and can also take the burden of cooking a lot of food at one time could be a dream come true for many women.

Since dreams do come true, we present to you a few of the best gas range double ovens that there are in the market. The best gas range double oven is popular for its ability to hold more food at a time and also work with efficiency. This oven unit looks similar to a professional oven, but both professionals and non-professionals can use it.

The best double oven gas range does come under luxury appliances, and why would it not be? It has the required efficiency, build, design, and compatibility that a luxury kitchen appliance must have. In spite of these ovens being expensive, investing your money in this type of item is never a bad deal. In every way, it is a purchase that busy households must make because the ease it brings to life is quite unmatchable.

Similar to other kitchen appliances, double ovens have different forms and so many features. The price of the oven starts rising as manufacturers add more and more features. Some ovens have great heating technology, while some come with a self-cleaning function.

To choose which best double oven gas range to go for, you will have to do lots of homework. By homework, we mean just sit back and continue reading this article because we have done everything for you. Our product reviews and buying guide will help you make a wise decision.

Our Top Picks for Best Double Oven Gas Range

4. Cosmo COS-EPGR486G 48-Inch Slide-in Freestanding Double Gas Range

Cosmo COS-EPGR486G 48-Inch Slide-in Freestanding Double Gas Range

A double gas oven with six Italian burners will be a treat to work with. Cosmo COS-EPGR486G is a 48-inch double gas oven with a porcelain cooktop with six sealed burners that helps produce a variety of cooked food at one time. It is a convection oven with a fan to distribute heat evenly, which takes less time and a low temperature to cook all kinds of food. This oven has four main features that include Bake, Broil, Convection Bake, and Convection Broil.

The structure and design of this oven are worth talking about. This double gas oven has a professional style. It consists of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The oven door handles are also made from matching steel, and the knobs come with a beautiful mirror finishing. The LED lights above the knobs give a professional touch to the overall design of this gas oven and also make it easy to use at all times.


  • Among the six burners, there is a 15,000 BTU dual burner that is powerful when heating up food.
  • The structure and design of this oven are quite sophisticated.
  • This oven is quite easy to clean as it is coated with porcelain.
  • It doesn’t take time to cook.
  • The oven’s design prioritizes the user’s safety before anything else.


  • The knobs of the oven peel out very easily.
  • Any markings on the oven fade away really slowly.

Oven Safety: This oven aims to provide for a safe cooking experience. There is a built-in ventilation system that protects this oven from overheating and allows the heat to release itself from the oven. The oven glass is three times thicker than normal glass, which doesn’t heat up easily. The oven handles are always too cool to cause any burns. This is a double oven gas range worth spending your money on.

3. Thor Kitchen 48-Inch Freestanding Pro-Style Double Oven Professional Gas Range

Thor Kitchen 48-Inch Freestanding Pro-Style Double Oven Professional Gas Range

People who love entertaining guests every weekend will find the Thor Kitchen 48-inch double gas oven worth investing in. Thor is a famous company known for manufacturing top quality kitchen appliances. This oven has a convection fan and a broil burner, making it a perfect appliance to use for baking and cooking at the same time. The main oven has a capacity of 4.6 cubic ft and a complete porcelain interior.

This oven has six gas burners powered enough to ensure no hiccups occur during the cooking or baking process. The heavy-duty grates of this oven have a cast-iron build, which provides a great amount of durability to this double oven. This oven also has an automatic safety feature that allows it to cool down immediately. Furthermore, it releases all excess heat once you finish working with it.


  • Thanks to its heavy-duty grates, this oven is very durable.
  • The oven offers great value for the price.
  • Cleaning this oven isn’t much of a hassle.
  • This oven comes with a two-year warranty.
  • The re-ignition safety feature makes this oven quite promising.


  • The lack of a self-cleaning feature means that cleaning this oven needs to be done manually.

Easy Cleaning: This Thor Kitchen freestanding gas oven has a drip pan made from black porcelain. The whole interior of this oven consists of porcelain. Porcelain is an excellent material when it comes to cleaning. Surface cleaning becomes quite convenient with this oven. While it does not provide a self-cleaning feature, the porcelain ensures that manual cleaning is straightforward and easy.

2. Samsung Appliance NY58J9850WS 30-Inch Slide-in, Dual-Fuel Range

Samsung Appliance NY58J9850WS 30-Inch Slide-in, Dual-Fuel Range

If you want an oven that works with both gas and electricity, then stop searching right here because Samsung NY58J9850WS is a double gas oven for you. This slide-in oven is a dual convection oven with its upper oven having a size of 2.5 cubic feet and a lower oven with a size of 3.3 cubic feet. This oven has five burners, a drawer, and two ovens. The sealed burners have a BTU ranging from 5000-22000.

Another great feature of this oven is its interior, which is easy to clean, and maintaining its true stainless steel look doesn’t take much effort. This hybrid appliance also helps to save lots of electricity when you opt to use it on gas. The cooktop is powerful and flexible, and it has guiding light controls. Furthermore, the reverse cast-iron griddle is of very high quality.


  • When switched on gas, the ovens pre-heat in less than five minutes, which is a wonderful feature.
  • It has a warming drawer, which most ovens lack, to keep the food warm whenever needed.
  • The five burners in different ranges provide even heating.
  • This oven is easy to clean.


  • This is one of the most expensive double gas ovens that you can find.

A Flexible Oven Range: This oven has a dual door, which provides lots of flexibility when it comes to cooking. Because of its dual-fuel design, cooking and baking are done quite conveniently without having to worry about gas shortages or electricity outages. This oven range gives the user the comfort and flexibility to cook different kinds of meals at one time.

1. GE Cafe CGS995SELSS 30-Inch Slide-in Gas Range

GE Cafe CGS995SELSS 30-Inch Slide-in Gas Range

General Electric is a well-known manufacturer when it comes to kitchen appliances. With the CGS995SELSS, they have again outdone themselves. This is a double gas oven range with a capacity of 6.7 cubic feet that makes it quite perfect for a wide range of kitchens. This is a self-cleaning oven; the gas oven can clean itself with the steam produced, which saves lots of time.

The cooking top features a 21,000 BTU multi-ring burner that makes this oven great for cooking, baking, and grilling at the same time. This profile slide-in gas oven is available in a beautiful stainless-steel finish, which gives this oven a great look. It has a Wi-Fi connect feature that allows you to control oven functions wirelessly from your smartphone.


  • This is a slide-in unit which is quite easy to install.
  • Both the ovens are sized perfectly.
  • The self-clean feature means that maintenance is very simple.
  • All the five burners contribute toward an even division of heat.
  • This oven is highly durable.


  • Some customers have complained about the consistency of the different burners.

Hi-Tech Feature: This oven is designed with a communication feature that allows you to control this oven through your smartphone. The advanced Wi-Fi feature allows an easy mode of communication between this oven and your smartphone. Hence, you can always keep an eye on it and control it easily, ensuring both safety and ease of usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is having a double oven a necessity?

It depends on your needs. If you run a house that hosts lots of parties every other day, and you also cook lots of food every day, a double gas oven will be a great purchase. Roasting chicken and baking a cake at the same time can become a hassle-free process if you own a double gas oven. It all comes down to your cooking needs and the space you have in your kitchen.

2.  In a double gas oven, can I use both ovens at a single time?

Yes, it is very much possible to use both ovens in a double gas oven at one time. There are buttons on the oven that help you switch from one oven to another or switch on both the ovens when there is a need.

3.  What types of double gas ovens are there?

There are two types of such ovens. They are the freestanding stove and the slide-in range. Both the ranges have a small top oven, and the bottom oven is a little bigger. You can place the freestanding stove range ovens wherever there is a space in the kitchen, while the slide-in range ovens require a kitchen counter to fit.

4.  Why should we go for a double gas oven rather than a simple electric one?

An electric oven takes about 30 minutes to heat up while the gas oven heats up immediately because of inbuilt flames. Gas is also relatively cheaper than electricity. So, if you are a family who uses a range quite frequently, a gas oven will help to keep your expense low and will also produce great food quickly.

5.  Is there a storage drawer in a double gas oven?

The answer might disappoint, but no, there is no storage drawer here. The two separate ovens take up enough space already. Adding a storage drawer only takes up further extra space, so manufacturers decided not to have one in this range. These double gas ovens aim to fit perfectly in a normal-sized average kitchen, which isn’t possible with an extra drawer. However, some exclusive models may provide this functionality.

6.  What features to look for when buying a double gas oven?

There are so many factors that you must consider when buying a double gas oven. Some of these things are controls, capacity, pricing, added features, and space it can take up to set in your kitchen. Many companies manufacture double gas ovens, so reading customer reviews will help you choose the best one.


Buying a double oven gas oven can be a little daunting, provided the number of available options. Take the above four picks as a starting point of choosing a double gas oven for yourself. Remember to look for an oven that promises great features, performance, price, and fits your purpose. Once you have researched properly, don’t hesitate to buy the product that meets all your criteria. Have confidence in your choice and enjoy the new addition to your kitchen.

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