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Best Gas Ranges (36 Inch) for 2022

The 36-inch gas range are a trend nowadays. Every kitchenette looks incredibly satisfying with that. In this Gas Range 36 inch Reviews, we will learn everything there is about them.
Best Gas Ranges (36 Inch) for 2020


Throughout the world, many of the best chefs or cooks love to prioritize their cooking space. One of the most significant parts of the entire kitchen is the stove. The stove is usually the heart of the kitchen. Without one, you simply cannot cook! Having a stove or gas range that’s compatible to your needs is highly important. A gas range is a stove that comes with an oven and is fueled by gas. It is more likely to have both a stove and oven and hence, a gas range is a common kitchen appliance today. Many cooks are also specific about the size of their gas range. Most people prefer larger cooking ranges having more burners and a higher power. For such users, a 36-inch gas range is the best choice. A 36-inch gas range is a stove that has a commercial size and power as it is larger as compared to normal home-based stoves. Below we have managed to list down the 5 best 36-inch gas ranges for 2022 that you need to know about.

Best Gas Ranges (36 Inch) for 2022

5. Cosmo Gas Range with traditional oven having  5 Burners

Cosmo Gas Range with traditional oven having  5 Burners

The Cosmo Gas range is one of a kind when it comes to a 36-inch cooking range. This gas range is a powerhouse that is equipped with a spacious over, 5 strong burners, and technology that helps in operating the gas range. Each burner has a different intensity of heat and flame according to your needs. The intensity ranges between 5,000 BTU to 44,400 BTU giving the user a wide choice. These burners are caged in high iron bars to ensure safety and even heat distribution.

The Cosmo gas range has a metallic look with stainless steel knobs to give it a presentable finish. The knobs are attractive and contribute to the entire look of the gas range. The gas range also has a timer that works up to 12 hours for the user’s convenience so that the user can cook efficiently.


  • Highly durable (made of stainless steel)
  • 2-year warranty
  • Many burners (5 of different heat levels)


  • The heating may be uneven
  • Technology may be outdated

2 year-long warranty: The best thing about this powerful gas range is the warranty it comes with. The company offers a 2 year-long labor and limited parts warranty making it a suitable choice for most users.

4. Cosmo Gas Range with dual fuel option

Cosmo Gas Range with dual fuel option

The dual-fuel gas range of Cosmo is one of the simplest yet solid-gas ranges available today. This gas range is one of a kind that can be converted from natural gas to propane as well (however it requires a kit). This cooking range is equipped with 5 different size burners that have different heating ranges. The range starts from 5,000 BUT’s and ends at 18,000 BUT’s that allows the user to cook absolutely anything. The cooking range contains a convection oven and offers 8 unique functions. It has a black stainless steel interior and is highly durable.

As stated above, the gas range has the ability to convert from a natural gas source to a propane one. Not only this, but this cooking range is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that is also corrosion-resistant. The company does not compromise on the elegance of the design of the cooking range in order to provide other significant qualities. The price is also quite reasonable for such extraordinary qualities.


  • Comes with a 2 and a half year warranty
  • Elegant design
  • Adjustable oven racks
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • The oven door has some issues.

Corrosion Resistant body: This cooking range is not like every other one. Cosmo’s gas range has a high duty 430 stainless steel body. This material is resistant to corrosion and prevents your cooking range from rusting. The look is hence preserved and the range will look as good as new for a long time.

3. Thor Gas Range for kitchens, 36 incher

Thor Gas Range for kitchens, 36 incher

The Thor kitchen gas range (36 inch) is one of the most efficient and easy large gas ranges you will find. This is a kind of cooking range that may allow you to cook even when you are in a hurry. This gas range is equipped with a variety of features that makes it a multi-purpose cooking range. It may have many features but ironically, it is still the easiest stove to use.

The convection oven comes in a powerful heating level of 22,000 BTU. Moreover, the cooking range comes with 4 burners of different heating levels. The range starts from two 15000 BUT’s burners and two 18,000 BUT’s burners. The cooktop also includes 2 lights (halogen) and the body is corrosion resistant.


  • Corrosion-resistant due to nickel-plated racks
  • Automatic re-lighting  feature if the flame goes off
  • Multi-purpose griddle
  • Both; single and dual burners


  • Racks are not constructed properly (fragile)

Variety Of functions: The best thing about this cooking range is that it provides its users with a variety of unique features. From barrier insulation to different heating level burners this cooking range offers it all. For instance, it has an automated insulation feature when your food is in process of cooking.

2. Verona Double Fuel Range

Verona Double Fuel Range

The Verona dual-fuel range has to be one of a kind. This cooking range comes with a two-door oven. Yes, you heard that right, 2 doors for one oven. Not only this, but the cooking range has 5 burners of different heat intensities. Moreover, the source of fuel can also be changed, however, it may require a kit to do so. The cooking range also comes with a spacious storage compartment.

The Verona dual fuel cooking range is one beautiful stove. It has an elegant and beautiful finish. Other than that, this cooking range comes with modern technology. This modern technology enables the user to work with the cooking range quite efficiently.


  • Stainless steel makes the appliance extra-ordinary durable
  • Made in Italy with high duty material
  • Also contains storage drawers


  • The oven size may be problematic in fitting bigger size pans in the oven.

Unique body and design: The Verona dual-fuel range has the best design to find in absolutely any 36-inch gas range. Yes, you got that right; this cooking range is not your basic mainstream cooking appliance. It has a sleek body and an innovative oven design. The oven comes with two doors and two sections; A larger section for bigger items and a smaller one for heating smaller items. The design is super unique as compared to other such products.

1.  36 inch Pro-style Gas Range along with bundle of LP Conversion Kit

36 inch Pro-style Gas Range along with bundle of LP Conversion Kit

While the infra-red broiler proves to be a promising characteristic of Certified gas ranges, the encapsulated burner has an extra benefit of not being exposed to the outer environment, nor do any food particles fiddle with the flames, leaving the overall experience to be exceptional. Along with encouraging hassle-free cleanup and efficient heating, the powerful 650 BTU adds scrumptious savor to food because of the inclusive simmer function.

 To add a cherry on top, its porcelain material gives an upscale look which can be evident from their black tough porcelain pan, whose color doesn’t wear off with the extreme heat, meaning the user won’t have to worry about it getting less trendy or obsolete with time! Having short term and long term benefits is what this cooking range brings for you.


  • Beautiful interior and design
  • 2-year warranty for labor and a few parts
  • Temperature control for efficient cooking
  • Spacious oven


  • There’s no wok ring which may be problematic for some users

Environmental friendly: This gas range has the most unique best feature so far. Yes, this cooking range assures clean and safe food cooking without food particles fiddling in the flame or causing much of ash content on the cooktop.  This enables the user to have an exceptionally clean cooking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  What is a 36-inch gas range and can it be used at home?

A 36-inch gas stove or cooking range is basically a combined stove and oven that is a common kitchen appliance today. It is fueled by natural gas and is more like a commercial appliance because of its huge size and powerful burners. However, a 36-inch gas range is also perfect for home use as it provides safety and insulation as well.

2.  What factors must be considered when buying a 36-inch gas range?

When buying a 36-inch gas range the following should be considered to assure the best choice according to your needs:


Choosing a gas range that is easy to maintain and clean is one of the most significant factors to consider. If a cooking range is a type that has food debris sticking below the cooktop I can be a problem for the user. Since a gas range is an appliance that is used often, the maintenance must be easy and manageable. Choosing a cooking range that gets easily cleaned of dirt and food debris could make life easy enough by not having you waste hours on cleaning every single crumb from beneath the cooktop.

Number of burners

Another very important factor to consider when purchasing a gas range is the number of burners it offers. A gas range equipped with more burners also means that it offers a wider range of heat intensities for each burner. This also means that the user has an option for the kind of power he/she requires to cook a certain dish. It also enables the user to cook various dishes simultaneously.


The price plays a very significant role in purchasing any product. You would not want to pay too much to receive all your dream features in your gas range hence, it is important to compare various products and their features in order to figure out whether your choice is worth what it offers you.

Weight and Dimensions 

A gas range that is too big for your kitchen might look awkward. Choosing the right size for your cooking range might be tough but is not impossible. After considering the space available in your kitchen you may choose a cooking range.

Reviews (customer satisfaction)

An important factor to consider when choosing the right gas range is product reviews. People who have already used the product can always help you choose what’s right for you. Amazon reviews along with ratings can give a brief image or introduction regarding the pros and cons of a product. Comparing reviews of different products can hence help you find your perfect choice.

3.  What are the advantages of using a gas range?


Gas ranges work on natural gas which is way economical as compared to electricity.

Even Heat

These gas ranges manage to provide even heat by heating the sides of the utensils as well as cooking the food uniformly.


Gas ranges use half as much energy as an electric range may use. This makes them highly efficient. 

Dual Fuel Edge

The majority of the gas ranges now also come with an electric oven which gives the user a choice between the 2 fuels.

Better Control

A gas range enables the user to adjust the gas flame according to the user’s need or preference. This makes it easy to control the range as compared to an electric one.

Economical in price

Gas ranges are usually more economical and cheaper in price as compared to electrical ranges that are often much more expensive.


While gas ranges offer a world of convenience and efficiency it is important to understand the fundamentals before you decide to buy one. We hope our list will help you choose the product most suitable for your needs and our guide can help make your purchasing experience even smoother. Always have ample knowledge of what the market is offering before making any purchase; it will help to understand the different options so you can choose a reliable option.

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