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4 Best Spatula for Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are delicacy in the morning. Especially the scrambles eggs. Get yourself the Best Spatula for Scrambles Eggs to make cooking eggs easier for you!
Best Spatulas for Scrambled Eggs

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This means that whatsoever you consume should be full of nutrition to give you the energy you need to power through your day. A famous breakfast dish which is enjoyed worldwide is scrambled eggs. Making scrambled eggs is pretty straightforward, but if you don’t have the proper equipment to make them then it can become a hassle. In order to make scrambled eggs you need a spatula preferably.

There are a lot of spatulas available on the market but most of them are of low quality which means that they will easily burn, melt and warp during cooking which is quite dangerous and unhealthy as well. If anyone is looking for the best spatulas to make scrambled eggs, then no need to worry as we will provide some of the best options out there so you know where to spend your hard earned money.

Top 4 Spatulas

4. KitchenAid Turner

KitchenAid Turner

KitchenAid is the leading expert in making world class kitchenware. Their products are not only high quality, but they are also quite reasonable and good looking. This classic slotted turner/spatula has a nylon fiberglass reinforced head which allows for one of the best performances in the kitchen and while making scrambled eggs.

The glossy ABS handle has a logo of the famous brand imprinted on it as well as ABS satin chrome plated bolster and end cap. The handle is perfectly balanced and provides a very good grip when using it as well. It is very heat resistant and advertised for up to 450 F/232 C. The spatula is made from nylon material which is safe for all types of cooking and makes the spatula durable as well.

It is also dishwasher safe making cleaning this a breeze and labor free. The KitchenAid classic slotted turner comes with a 1 year hassle free replacement warranty and a limited lifetime as well.


  • Large turner allows for easier cooking
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Slotted for excess oil dripping
  • Highly rated


  • Is as heat resistant as advertised
  • Water gathers in the handle during dishwashing

Large Turner: This spatula from KitchenAid has a very distinctive feature. It is constructed with a large turner surface. This allows for easy food preparation, handling and serving. You will have no problem making scrambled eggs with this spatula. The turner measures 8.73” in length and 3.38” in width. This spatula will also help you if you are cooking on a skillet.

3. Norpro Spatula

Norpro Spatula

This 13 inch nonstick slotted spatula is from the company known as Norpro. It is the go-to spatula if you are looking to flip eggs, omelets, burgers, hash browns, pancakes and most importantly for scrambling eggs. It has a beveled head that effortlessly glides under delicate items such as fish fillets and quesadillas.

It can also be used for transferring warm, fresh out of the oven cookies from the baking sheet to the cooling rack without a problem. The special thing about this spatula is that it is firm enough to lift up fish and eggs but it is also soft enough so that it can be used for scraping the bottom of pans. It is rated for high heat resistant, which is around 410 F/210 C.

The Norpro nylon nonstick spatula has a non-slip handle with thumb grip to provide superior control and ultimate comfort. It is safe for any type of surface such as nonstick, glass and enamel coated cookware with the exception of grills.


  • Suitable size for any cooking
  • Comfortable to use
  • Safe for any cooking surface
  • Heat resistant


  • Cannot be used on grills
  • The tip of the spatula head can warp and melt

Nylon Build: The Norpro nonstick 13 inch slotted spatula is made from high quality nylon material. This makes it very durable and makes it possible to use it during any type of cooking. This nylon material is able to resist heat up to 410 F/210 C, which is plenty for any normal cooking but not for grilling. If you want to cook your scrambled eggs with ease then this will accomplish that task and for a very long as well.

2.  Di Oro Chef Series Spatula Set 

Di Oro Chef Series Spatula Set

This is a top quality 3-set spatula bundle from Di Oro. This bundle is very highly rated among customers and all for good reason too. They are made from the best quality material, which is 100 percent food grade silicone. This material is quite flexible but also quite rigid as well. It is nonstick silicone that gets the job done in the kitchen in every type of task.

 It can easily flip and pick up any type of food without a problem but can also bend in order to scrape of food stuck to the pan. This series can resist very high temperatures up to 600 F. this high heat resistance is a great bonus in cooking as it means that the spatulas will not be susceptible to burning, melting and warping. But this only applies to the head and one should avoid placing the handle on hot surfaces as that will melt and will cause discomfort during cooking. It is very easy to clean as well.

 It provides a hassle free kitchen clean up due to each piece being easy to clean by both hands and dishwasher. It can help you save precious time and energy that could be applied somewhere else. This high grade product will not even scratch and is completely nonstick, making it a perfect choice to use on any surface.


  • Different options for different purposes
  • Very high heat resistance
  • Sanitary design
  • Non-slip grip


  • Spatulas not available separately
  • Corner of turner can melt

3-Piece Bundle: The chef series set from Di Oro provides great value to money. The set includes 3 spatulas each made for a specific purpose. This includes an Egg turner, a pancake flipper and normal kitchen spatula. The egg turner has a much longer head measuring at 14.2” inch in length and 4” in width so that it can easily flip and pick up eggs without it breaking and ruining your breakfast. The pancake flipper is a slotted spatula with a wider head so that it can flip pancakes with ease and measures 12” in length and 6” in width. The normal spatula is a non-slotted utensil that is 11.8” long and 3” wide.

1.  StarPack Spoonula/Spatula

StarPack Spoonula/Spatula

This is a revolutionary spatula from StarPack. It is made from high quality silicone which is BPA free and FDA approved and LFGB certified as well. This makes it one of the highest rated silicone utensils in the market and gives you an idea of the quality and durability of it. It being one of the highest rated silicone utensils also means that it is highly resistant to heat.

It can resist up to 600 F which is quite amazing and ample for any type of cooking. It is a versatile cooking tool as with proper care and handling, this piece of equipment will last you a very long time. This Spoonula/Spatula from StarPack measures at 10.6” in length and 2.4” in width. The silicone coated head is firm enough to lift or stir with ease but it is still safe to use on enamel or non-stick surfaces which means no more scratches.

It has a very hygienic design as well; this is because it doesn’t have any gaps or seams that could trap food or bacteria. This also makes cleanup very easy as you just have to wipe it under hot water or wash it in a dishwasher.


  • Can be used as a spoon and spatula
  • Not exposed to melting
  • Highly rated
  • Can be used on all surfaces


  • Bends more than usual at tip
  • Steel reinforcement doesn’t reach to the end

Dual Purpose: This piece of kitchen equipment has a very unique feature that makes it a very useful tool in the kitchen. It has a dual purpose of being a spatula and also a spoon as well. The spatula can be used for flipping eggs, scrambling eggs and flipping pancakes. It can also be used for mixing, stirring etc. as a spoon. This makes it all-rounder kitchen equipment.

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide – Best Spatula for Scrambled Eggs

Material and Durability: Choosing the Right Material for Longevity

When it comes to spatula materials, silicone and nylon are popular choices for their durability and heat resistance. Silicone spatulas are known for their flexibility, while nylon spatulas offer rigidity. Both materials are non-reactive, ensuring that your scrambled eggs remain safe and free from any chemical leaching. Consider your personal preference and cooking style when selecting between these two options.

Heat Resistance: Ensuring the Spatula Can Handle High Cooking Temperatures

Scrambled eggs are typically cooked at medium to high heat, making it crucial to choose a spatula that can withstand the temperatures involved. Look for spatulas with high heat resistance, preferably above 400°F (200°C). This ensures that the spatula will not warp, melt, or release any harmful substances while cooking your eggs.

Size and Design: Finding the Right Balance of Maneuverability and Functionality

Spatulas come in various sizes and designs, and finding the right balance between maneuverability and functionality is essential. A spatula that is too small may struggle to lift and flip eggs, while one that is too large might be difficult to maneuver in a crowded pan. Aim for a spatula that is around 8-12 inches long, providing enough surface area to handle the eggs efficiently while being easy to handle.

Non-Stick Coating: Preventing Eggs from Sticking to the Spatula

One of the most frustrating aspects of cooking scrambled eggs is when they stick to the spatula. Look for best spatula for scrambled eggs with a non-stick coating, such as silicone or Teflon. These coatings prevent the eggs from adhering to the surface, making it easier to flip and serve your scrambled eggs without any messy residue.

Ergonomics and Grip: Ensuring Comfortable Handling During Cooking

Comfortable handling is crucial when preparing scrambled eggs, as it involves continuous stirring and flipping. Look for spatulas with ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip. Handles with non-slip features, such as textured or rubberized surfaces, offer added control and prevent the spatula from slipping out of your hand during cooking.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Easy-to-Clean Spatulas for Hassle-Free Cleanup

After enjoying a delicious breakfast, the last thing you want is to spend excessive time cleaning your spatula. Opt for spatulas that are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Silicone and nylon spatulas are generally dishwasher-friendly, saving you time and effort in the kitchen. Additionally, look for spatulas with a seamless design to prevent food particles and bacteria from getting trapped, ensuring better hygiene.

Price and Value for Money: Finding a Spatula That Fits Your Budget

Spatulas are available at various price points, so it’s important to find one that fits your budget. While high-quality spatulas may come with a higher price tag, they often offer better durability and performance. Consider the features, materials, and longevity offered by a spatula to determine its overall value for money. Remember, investing in a durable spatula can save you money in the long run by avoiding frequent replacements.

Making an Informed Decision for the Best Spatula for Scrambled Eggs

When it comes to cooking perfect scrambled eggs, having the right spatula can greatly enhance your culinary experience. By considering the material, heat resistance, size, non-stick coating, ergonomics, cleaning ease, customer reviews, and price, you can make an informed decision and find the best spatula for your scrambled egg adventures. Whether you prefer a silicone or nylon spatula, prioritize durability, functionality, and comfort to ensure enjoyable and effortless cooking. With the right spatula in hand, you’ll be well-equipped to create delicious, fluffy scrambled eggs to start your day on a delightful note.


1.  Are silicone spatulas preferred for scrambling eggs?

In short, yes! This is because silicone spatulas can be generally used on all types of cooking surfaces. Most kitchen cookware is enamel coated or non-stick, so silicone spatulas can be used on them as they will not scratch the surface compared to metal or wooden spatulas that can be used on specific surfaces.

2.  Do spatulas absorb odors?

Silicone spatulas have been tested on different varieties of foods, odors and tastes. They have proven to not absorb odors and smells from them. But that is not the case with plastic or wooden spatulas as they are susceptible to absorbing odors and tastes.

3.  Will they melt or warp?

If you use the spatula in its recommended heat resistance temperature, then you will not face any issues. But, if you expose it to high temperatures above its recommended resistance then it will surely lead to it warping and melting. Another case would be if the spatula is made of low quality materials, then it could melt at any high temperature.

4.  Does their head come off?

Some wooden and plastic spatulas can be separated into two parts. The head and handle. But in a silicone spatula, it is a single piece that is molded together. This prevents water gathering in the handle and increases durability of the spatula. 

5.  How do you wash a spatula?

Most spatulas are dishwasher proof but can also be washed with soap by hand.

6.  Why not use a spoon for scrambling?

A spoon will not provide the desired results as it will just mix the eggs and will not scramble them. That is why a spatula is recommended.

7.  How long should a spatula last for?

This is subjective as it depends on how you take care of it and the material it is made up of. If you take care of the spatula and not expose it to high heat then it will last a very long time and vice versa.


Overall, you need a good quality, affordable and long lasting spatula so that you can enjoy your breakfast. Hopefully our list has provided you the spatula you were looking for all this time. But if you don’t agree with our selection, it is recommended that you research yourself as well to get a better understanding of what the best option for you is. All in all, the selection we have provided are all some of the best options out there for you and you won’t be disappointed at all if you decide to go for them.

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