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Best Spatula for Pancakes

Best Spatula for Pancakes


Making pancakes is not just cooking, it’s an art, and at the same time, a science. Only by using the right instruments and in the correct manner, can one expect to succeed. Use an ordinary utensil to flip your pancake, and you’ll end up with a flop attempt. This article will highlight some of the most trusted and highly acclaimed spatulas for pancakes available in the market as of 2020.

Our Picks for the Best Spatulas for Pancakes

The following are our picks for the best spatulas for pancakes, they have been selected after arduous comparing, testing, and reviewing. We hope that you like them:

3. StarPack Premium Spatula

StarPack Premium Spatula

StarPack’s entry is indeed a premium option for pancake spatulas. This model has been well crafted, can be handled with ease, and is perfectly suited for pancakes. The model can be, in a sense, called the perfect solution to all of your pancake problems and concerns. The super-wide turning head, measuring in at 5.9 inches, which is considered optimal by all, can help you flip all sorts of pancakes with ease.

The whole structure is based on a single stainless steel frame that runs the entire length of the utensil. The rear end is covered with a silicone grip, which is easy to hold on to and does not slip out of hand during use (how disastrous would that be?) The front end, or the turning head is also coated with a thin and flexible layer of silicon. This makes it anti-scratch, meaning that you can use it on your pan without scarring it.

The base shaft is also set at a convenient angle to ensure ergonomy, allowing you to use it without any duress. The spatula is safe to use with any pan and does not produce any odor or get stained, strictly abiding by all FDA regulations. The anti-stick spatula can remain stable even at temperatures reaching 600 F, which is quite impressive, all in all, a good deal.


  • The high-quality silicon coasting makes it perfectly safe and convenient for use
  • The turning head is wide and ultra-thin, making it ideal for flipping pancakes without any worries
  • The ergonomic handle design makes handling very easy
  • The stainless steel framework provides unparalleled resilience to the model


  • The turning head may be a bit bigger than some people may be accustomed to
  • Some features, though excellent, may be subject to personal biases

Premium Design: The spatula has a premium design in every sense. Whether you look at the greaseproof silicon handle or the silicon-coated turning head. The angle of the head; its anti-stick, anti-scratch, and anti-odor properties make it ideal for making your breakfast.

2. Oxo Good Grips Pancake Turner

Oxo Good Grips Pancake Turner

The semi-rigid Oxo Good Grips Pancake Turner incorporates a thicker stainless steel layer in its silicon-covered turning head. This provides it with superior tensile capabilities and superior flexibility to some average stainless steel variants.

The spatula is highly flexible and will not scratch the pan’s surface, making it ideal for use on any type of pan, whatsoever. The stick-free surface is also very convenient during cooking sessions, more so at high temperatures, which can do it no harm until 600 F.

The turning head is massive, measuring in at 6 inches, however, some find it a bit too much, especially when using a small pan. The rubber-made handle also offers a flawless slip-free grip, which may not be as good as that of the previous entry but is impressive nonetheless.


  • Semi-rigid turning head which provides both flexibility and superior tensile strength for better handling of bigger pancakes
  • It can also handle other food items like grilled cheese sandwiches
  • It is anti-stick and does not scratch the pan’s surface
  • The rubber handle provides impressive ergonomy


  • The larger turning head can be troublesome for some people to handle
  • It lacks some advanced features that are boasted by superior models

Semi-rigid Frame: The Oxo Good Grips is somewhere in between rigid all-steel spatulas and the floppy silicone-based models. This semi-rigid property makes it ideal for people who want to stack up pancakes on their spatula, and yes, this is a genuine concern. This gives you the best of both worlds without the fallbacks of either.

1.  Norpro Grip-EZ Pancake Spatula

Norpro Grip-EZ Pancake Spatula

Most silicon-covered spatulas (not the two mentioned above) can be rendered obsolete over time as the covering peels off. This, however, will not be the issue with Nopro Grip-EZ Pancake Spatula which comes with an ultra-flexible all nylon-based turning head. The only drawback to nylon-based spatulas, including this one, is their lower heat tolerance.

The spatula can only handle up to 400 F before melting, meaning that it is not all that great for deep-frying, However, it can work out just fine for heating some pancakes. The small-sized turning head is also excellent for handling pancakes in a small-sized pan, and overall, the product does a fine job for what it is worth.


  • It is easy to handle and highly affordable
  • The tuning head is ultra-thin and very flexible
  • The flipper is adequately sized, making it ideal for handling pancakes
  • Overall, the design is very impressive and it does a fine job


  • The agronomy is not as impressive as some other models
  • It only offers heat resistance up till 400F, after which it starts to melt

Nylon-based Turning Head: The nylon-based turning head has superior anti-scratch and anti-stick properties than most other options. This makes it ultra-flexible, which makes it better than some models. Overall, the nylon body is inexpensive and enough to get the job done, just watch out for high temperatures.

FAQ Section: Best Spatulas for Pancakes

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about pancake spatulas and turners:

1.  What to look for when buying spatulas for pancakes?

When choosing your spatula, there can be no generalizations. To put it simply, there is no single option for all solutions, your precise needs and usage will matter the most. But you should ideally seek a model that has a decent combination of flexibility and rigidity. Size, flexibility, and thinness are all important parameters and the best combination always depends on how you wish to use your utensil.

2.  How does the material of the spatula make a difference?

The base frame is mostly made up of a rigid material like stainless steel or an equally strong metal. This is often coated with a layer of silicon that imparts superior flexibility to it. However, some models may be made from a nylon-based structure, which is ultra-flexible but not rigid at all. The material should not be heavy but ideally, it must have some rigidity and some flexibility to work effectively (bit again, some prefer one of the two).

3.  What makes the turner head ideal for use?

Turner heads should be anti-stick, must not scratch the pan surface, and must be consistent with FDA regulations. These properties make a perfect turning head. In most cases, models are equipped with a stainless steel head covered with silicon, however, nylon-based heads are also in use. The latter tends to be less resistant to heat, and the former is more popular, however, personal preference creates demand for both, and nylon is much more flexible too.

4.  How does the size of a spatula factor in?

The thickness is again a subjective parameter with different reviewers giving different answers. Ideally, your spatula must be compatible with the pan you are using. If it is oversized, it may be hard to use in a pan, which can make things problematic.

However, on the counterpoint, a small spatula will not be able to keep the ends of the pancake from bending towards each other. This means that you need a size that addresses both problems and generally, people seem to consider 6 inches to be the perfect length.

5.  Why should I opt for an ergonomic design?

Though people don’t consider handling shapes or types when buying a spatula, it is an important parameter nonetheless. Having a slip-free and easy to handle spatula can make a huge difference during your cooking sessions. This means that though it may not seem important but do consider ergonomy, and if possible, a handle that is greaseproof too.


The products mentioned on the list are some of the most highly acclaimed and well-received ones. They have stood out against repetitive challenges and have stood against the test of flipping pancakes with perfection. While there is no answer as to which one of these is the best, we incline towards StarPack Premium Spatula.

All products have their pros and cons, and personal preference, above all, is the main discriminatory factor. The model that suits your needs the best, and stands up to your expectations, should be deemed the best. With one of these in your kitchen, making pancakes shall become a whole new experience, without any stress and with all of the fun added.

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