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Best Food Processor for Chopping Vegetables

If you’re on the hunt for the Best Food Processor for Chopping Vegetables, these product reviews below will solve all of your misery!
Best Food Processor for Chopping Vegetables


Do you find yourself spending too much time in the kitchen? Do your children complain about you not being there for them when they need you to be? Are you someone who has been a victim of their own hand while cutting vegetables? If yes, I can feel your pain. This is because I myself have been a long traverser on this road. I have suffered at my own hands, and due to my own ignorance. And I have promised myself to not let anyone else suffer anymore (After all isn’t life all about helping others out?).

Cooking food is an activity carried out in all homes. Sometimes we don’t notice that it is taking us 4 to 5 times more to cook food than it takes to eat it. However, such a thing does not necessarily have to be the case. With certain basic editions in our kitchen, we can improve things drastically. We can save more of our time than we think ourselves capable of. Furthermore, what if I told you we can do it through the purchase of one machine which does not require us to invest a fortune in it (Luckily, we present to you five such options).

To begin with, we must note, vegetables are one thing which are brought to every household’s. This is because rarely is there a dish in the world which can be made without the addition of vegetables. Moreover, it is in the domain of vegetables that we often end up spending the most amount of time. The most common mistakes we make are mainly two; Cutting vegetables by hand, and buying a food processor which is not ideal for chopping vegetables.

In this article, we present to you the best food processor options for chopping vegetables, available in the market.

Top Food Processors for Chopping Vegetables

4. Black + Decker One-Touch Chopper

Black + Decker One-Touch Chopper

When you see the Black + Decker brand label you already know the product will provide a certain standard of performance. In this regard, the One-Touch Chopper model fully lives up to its expectations. The whole product is designed to fulfill the object of simplifying the cooking process. Moreover, the idea is to reduce the long list of bureaucratic steps to just one. This is because food processing usually involves a significant commitment of time, and can be a monotonous endeavor. Interestingly, the Black + Decker brand has developed a single button with which you can get your vegetables (or any other food material for that matter) chopped. In fact, it can well be argued that chopping of vegetables has never been simpler ever before.


  • The product has a 3 cup capacity
  • It is durable in nature due to high quality input material e.g. Stainless Steel Blade
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely light weighted


  • There is absolutely no choice among colors- The product is only available in black color

The addition of small holes in the design of the work bowl: One of the most highly distinct part of the Black + Decker One-Touch Chopper is the inculcation of little holes on the work bowl’s cover. Not only do they allow fresh air to pass through, but that they have another highly productive use. We mostly have to add little doses of oil in our food during the whole processing thing. The presence of holes on the cover of the work bowl means that we do not have to stop the machine every time oil needs to be added. We can do both things simultaneously by sprinkling oil in the food through the holes. Moreover, the small size of the holes, protects us from spilling excess oil in the food (One thing I’ve done accidently numerous times).

3. Shardor Mini Food Processor

Shardor Mini Food Processor

The Shardor Mini Food Processor is a highly powerful product. The product is equipped with a motor which gives a strong performance. In fact, the motor peaks at a whopping 350 Watts (Imagine this much power for a Mini sized food processor). Additionally, the product has speed control functionality so that users can adjust the speed according to their situation. For instance, if you have unannounced guests at dinner, you simply go with the high speed to get ingredients chopped in a matter of seconds.


  • The food processor has a reversible stainless steel disk. Therefore, the product is multi-functioning in nature; One side for Chopping, the other one for slicing
  • Its low weight makes it highly portable
  • Its small size means that it does not take much space in the kitchen


  • It has just one cup capacity. What this means is that it is only conducive for smaller volumes (Not ideal for larger families)

High level of safety: Perhaps the most critical aspect of any type of electrical device is its safety level. However, surprisingly, this is one area which has not been prioritized by most of the food processor brands. What we see is a basic lip service to minimum safety levels required. In this regard, the performance of the Shardor Mini Food Processor is a delight.  Apart from the basic safety infrastructure found in every food processor there are two extra functionalities of the product. Firstly, the product has a safe lock attached on it. How this works is that it automatically stops the processor from working if the bowl is not properly placed. As a result, a whole lot of situations where probability of an accident is high, are avoided altogether. Secondly, the product is equipped with Non-Slip feet. This allows the product to be placed firmly over the counter. Any possible accident resulting from unwanted movement of the food processor is avoided.

2. HomeEasy Food Processor

HomeEasy Food Processor

The foremost interesting aspect of the HomeEasy Food Processor is its multi-functioning nature. It presents itself as a reliable solution for things including (But not restricted to); Chopping Vegetables, Chopping Meat, and Chopping Ham. Additionally, the product works as good for grinding purposes. The idea behind this multi-functionality is to maximize the value for money of the user. Moreover, the hassle of making two purchase decisions is avoided. Even more importantly, you end up saving storage space in the kitchen.

Furthermore, this food processor beats most of its rivals with its large holding capacity. In fact, its bowl can hold up to a level of 2 liters. People who have a large family will find this product to be a good choice.


  • The product is highly durable in nature
  • The brand hands out a complimentary non-slip mat with the food processor, so that greater safety is ensured
  • The product has passed quality certification tests with great numbers
  • It is highly easy to carry due to its low weight
  • The product is easy to assemble (Especially important for frequent users who’ll need to do assembling after the food processor is washed)


  • The choice offered in terms of color is non-existent

The product is equipped with a 4D design: Yes, you heard that right. The HomeEasy Food Processor is no ordinary product when it comes to the class of its interior design. What the 4D design of the product does is that it enables the lower and upper blades to evenly chop the vegetable. In fact, it is the use of such food processors that enables restaurants to put their food in appealing designs or patterns inside the platter. Or at the very least it allows restaurants to maintain a certain degree of consistency in their dishes (Ever wondered how Subway has so neatly cut vegetables?). Therefore, if you want to make a restaurant standard environment in your house, the HomeEasy Food Processor is a great choice.

1. KitchenAid Food Processor

KitchenAid Food Processor

The KitchenAid Food Processor is one of the most premium food processor available in the market. In line with its premium positioning, it offers some of the most wonderful functionality in its food processors. For starters, its 2 in 1 feed tube allows you to either go for a large opening or narrow opening while the slicing is in process. Therefore, the user has the freedom to act according to the size of their ingredients.

Moreover, the sheer capacity of the product of 14 cups is extremely difficult to match. In fact, a quick glimpse in the market tells us that most food processor brands don’t have sizes even near this. Furthermore, the food processor has a feature which the brand refers to as ‘ExactSlice’. There is a lever attached on the outer side of the product through which you can decide if you want the result to be thin or thick. As a result, the final product is more attuned with your taste, and thus the satisfaction is enhanced.


  • It has a reversible disk
  • The product is produced with an ‘ultra-tight seal’ to act as a barrier against leakage. This was added to the product as people have been unable to utilize the full capacity offered by their food processors. This is because as we start nearing the top, the liquid is leaked through the ring around the bowl cover. As a result, people refrain from filling the complete bowl. Therefore, the seal gives users the freedom to utilize the full capacity.


  • It is highly expensive
  • Difficult to carry around
  • No Money Back guarantee

The presence of a Commercial Size Dicing Kit: The installation of a commercial size dicing kit is the first of its kind. In fact, it’s a great leap in bridging the gap between the quality of food made by home chefs and restaurant chefs. The dicing kit enables you to make the process partially hands free, and the chopped vegetable is diced by the machine itself. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1.  What is the average lifetime of a food processor?

A food processor tends to have a lifetime between 5 to 8 years (Depending on quality of the product)

2.  Is a 350 wattage good?

The review of wattage is based on the amount of food to be prepared. However, a 350 wattage will be generally good for an average sized household.

3.  Why is the disc reversible?

This is because both sides perform different functions. One is usually capable of shredding, while the other side is used for slicing.

4.  Is there any certification or generally recognized standards for safety in kitchen appliances?

Yes, there are quality ensuring bodies in every country which provide certifications. In the US, kitchen appliances must be FDA compliant.

5.  Why are cup sizes always mentioned on food processor packaging?

This is because the number of cup sizes directly relate with the overall capacity of a food process. The larger the number of cups, the greater would be its capacity. Moreover, this becomes of primary importance for those who will be using the product to process large volumes of food ingredients.


The economical nature of any product is highly important. However, through this article we encourage you to look for food processors which provide the greatest value for money. This is because a food processor is a long term purchase which will have a daily impact on your life. The food you eat, the amount of time you spend with your kids, and how safe your kitchen environment is, can all be affected by the chopping machine you buy. Therefore, you must make sure that you do a thorough research before you make a final decision.

Additionally, we hope that through the information provided in this article you will be better placed to analyze which features are most important for you in a food processor. One person might find the speed control function more important than the ExactSlice function for instance. we simply hope you that you are able to make informed decisions.

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