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Widespread vs. Centerset Faucets

Faucets are undoubtedly essential to your kitchen. To choose one between a widespread Vs. Centerset Faucets can be a dauting task. Read below to get expert opinion!
Widespread vs. Centerset Faucets


Have you recently finished designing your bathroom, or are you planning to renovate your kitchen soon? Like your living room or bedroom, a kitchen or a bathroom makeover also requires lots of homework to plan. From pipes to bathroom tub to sinks and kitchen cooking point, you need to ensure whatever you buy must complement the rest of your house.

When it comes to sink, you can’t avoid the importance of a faucet. Selecting a faucet is not a big deal, but selecting the right one involves many thought processes. One wrong choice can completely spoil the look of your sink. There are more than 18 types of faucets available in the market. This article has got two very common faucets, Widespread and Center set, facing each other. Both are trendy types of faucets but have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s read further as we have explained all the qualities of each faucet in detail. 

In-Depth-Widespread Faucet

Widespread Faucet

What is a Widespread Faucet?

Before you choose a faucet, there are certain factors that you must consider. Some of these factors are style, installation process, size, and degree of use. A pre-planning analysis is a must to ensure your investment in a faucet doesn’t go to waste. As mentioned above, there are various faucets, and each one has a purpose of serving. A widespread faucet is one of the most common faucet types you will find in many homes.

A widespread faucet has handles for both hot and cold water. It also has a separate part for the spout. In short, a widespread faucet comes with three separate parts.  Since all these three parts come separately, you have the choice to install them independently according to your need.   Both the handles are independent of the central spout. You can either mount the handles on the counterparts or the sink. According to your sink size, you can adjust the handles and the spout together.

A widespread faucet works best for corner sinks. If your sink requires a side spout, get a widespread faucet. Moreover, if you own a small bathroom or a kitchen, to save storage area, use a widespread faucet that can decrease and increase in size quickly.

Widespread faucets are quite stylish. When you install a widespread faucet, all the connections and pipes stay under the sink. It doesn’t ruin the overall look of your sink. Also, in a widespread faucet, the spout and the handles are independent of each other. It doesn’t create a crowded look and saves the stylish vibe.

A widespread faucet doesn’t take much effort to install. Since it is a flexible faucet, you can adjust the distance between the spout and the handles according to your need and sink size.

Widespread faucets are available in a range of prices. You can get some at a very reasonable rate, while some are pretty expensive. Affordability is essential but stay away from cheap faucets. Cheap faucets can break easily and can cause leakages. Expensive faucets come with a lifetime guarantee and are highly durable.


  • It is a super stylish and reasonable faucet
  • A widespread faucet suits all kinds of sinks
  • It involves a flexible and quick installation
  • Independent parts mean you can experiment with this faucet in the most non-traditional ways.


  • This faucet is not suitable for small counter spaces
  • The three separate parts take a large space and installation time as opposed to a single-part faucet
  • Widespread faucets are hard to mount on walls

In-Depth – Center Set Faucets

Center Set Faucets

What is a Center Set Faucet?

A center set faucet is also one of the most preferred faucets of all times. From interior designers to plumbers, support the installation of this faucet in every kitchen or bathroom space. A Center Set faucet is incredibly best for bathroom sinks. The other name of this faucet is a 4-inch spread.

 This category of faucets has a unique shape and layout. It comes with three different holes. Two holes support handles while one is for the spout. Unlike a widespread faucet, all three parts are in a connection. It makes it very easy to install this faucet. These holes are 4-inch apart from the body of the faucet. Some center set faucets have four holes to accommodate soaps or sprays.

All center set faucets are compact in size and shape. Unlike widespread faucets, they do not occupy much space. This is why a center set faucet is perfect for your small sink. There is a wide variety of center set faucets available in the market. They come in unique styles, shapes, and different colors.

Since both the handles and the spout come as a single big part, it doesn’t take long to install a center set faucet. However, unlike a widespread faucet, you cannot experiment with installing a center set faucet.

Similar to widespread faucets, center set faucets are also available in a wide price range. You can either go for cheaper faucets or buy expensive ones. In the end, it all comes down to your budget. But make sure you do not compromise on the quality.


  • This faucet comes to a single piece
  • It doesn’t take time to install a center set faucet
  • It is perfect for your small bathrooms
  • You can find a variety of styles and colors
  • You can also buy a four-hole center set faucet to accommodate a soap or spray


  • You cannot experiment with the placing or installation of a center set faucet
  • All center set faucets are mostly available in traditional design

Conclusion- Widespread Vs. Center Set

There is no good or bad faucet. It all comes down to your space and the style you prefer. A center set faucet is best for your compact sinks, while a widespread faucet gives your big and modern basins life. If you are style-conscious, widespread faucets will add a beautiful touch to your sinks. If you hate putting effort into the installation, go for a single-piece center set faucet.

At the end of the day, choose what suits you the best. After all, this is your investment.

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