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Rapala Electric Fillet Knife Reviews

Tired of using manual knives that hurt your muscles? We assumed so. That’s precisely why we have reviewed this Rapala Electric Fillet Knife to make cutting slicing easier for you.
Rapala Electric Fillet Knife Reviews


Electric knives are no longer the luxury of the 90s, where you could hardly see one in any kitchen. These days they are more of a necessity, especially when making those beautiful professional looking fillets. Back then, it was considered a relic and not useful equipment. People rarely used it. Suppose you do not associate electric knives with your grandparents and know their usefulness. In that case, you will be better able to relate this article to Rapala electric fillet knife reviews.

This article on Rapala heavy duty electric fillet knife reviews the knives which come in handy. It is because no matter how trained you are in slicing and dicing, the regular use of manual knives will hurt your muscles at some point. Suppose you produce fresh meat from your meat source like poultry. In that case, an electric knife is something you would want to have, mainly if you are producing at a massive level.

Apart from that, you never know when you are going to have wrist pain or sprain. In such a situation, Rapala knives come in extremely handy. You don’t want to use a manual knife with a wrist sprain, as it will be a painful experience for you. The good thing is that Rapala electric knives are not just for cutting meat. You can also use them for cutting vegetables, cakes, and even hard bread due to their multipurpose design.

What follows is Rapala electric fillet knife reviews. Here we have chosen the best electric knives from Rapala that are reliable, durable, and are very ergonomic to hold and operate. We have also explained what basis we judged these products and what you should look for in them before buying them.

They are multipurpose tools, and it is worth to invest in them. So here are our top picks.

How Did We Choose?

Electric knives are generally known for being extremely efficient, fast, and long-lasting. That is because they come with two blades that move back and forth and automatically slice through the meat like butter. Furthermore, they also tend to retain their blades for a much longer time than traditional knives. So there is no need to take out your whetstone too often. That is why you should have it in your kitchen as one of your essential tools.

But what does it take for an electric knife to provide you with all these benefits? What are some of the essential things you need to look for before making a purchase? Here are some of the things that we looked for before choosing our list products, and you too should give them a thought before finalizing your decision.

Corded or Cordless

Although it depends on your personal preference, corded knives are much better for a variety of reasons. First, if you do all your work in one place and don’t have to switch places, the corded knife is best for you because it gives you an uninterrupted power supply. Furthermore, you don’t need to remember to charge it often. But if you want to have a portable electric knife, we will advise you to go with a cordless knife. They give you the flexibility to take it anywhere and use it after a full charge.

Length of Cord

If you have decided on a corded knife, the length of the cord must be just enough to give you a good range of motion and should not hinder your work. To be on the safe side, we recommend 4 to 5 feet of cord length. Remember that the cord length should not be too short or too long because it can get tangled and can make a mess.

Knife Types

Generally, these electric knives come in two types – corded and cordless– the cordless knives are further divided into two types- those operated by a removable battery and the fully rechargeable ones. Most of the current variation of cordless types comes with a rechargeable battery. You don’t have to worry about battery life as most of them have a very long battery life, and you don’t need to charge them again and again.

Input Type

Whether you are buying a corded or a cordless knife, you should make sure that the input adapter or plug is compliant with your topography standards. For example, if you are in America, you should look for a model that supports 120 v, and if you are in Europe, you can get 240 v input variants. Some knives also come with a converter, which is a better option.


The primary purpose of buying an electrical knife is that you can comfortably cut without any effort. For that, you have to make sure that your knife comes with a comfortable and ergonomic handle. In the market, you will find bulky, as well as slim models. Whatever model you choose, make sure it suits your hand. The handle should be placed at just the right spot for you to press it while cutting without straining your fingers. That is the whole point of buying an electrical knife – maximum work is done with minimal effort.

Blade Quality

Most of the electrical knives come with serrated blades for easy cutting. The blades are sturdy and detachable. It allows you to clean them easily. The blades should be preferably stainless steel and should be ideally 9 inches long to give a good cutting experience. The longer the blades, the easier it is to chunk off meat from the bones because longer blades run more smoothly. You may also look for a knife with extra blades.

Battery Life

If you are buying a cordless knife, it is wise to check its battery life. We would advise that you always go for rechargeable batteries because it saves you money and time. Longer battery life is also essential if you work continuously for many hours.


These knives come with different motor specifications, and their performance and battery life largely depend on them. Ideally, you should have a motor that can give you at least a hundred watts of power so that you can easily cut through any meat without any issues.


The electric knife has small electrical parts that are often very sensitive to certain conditions and materials. Furthermore, the blades need to be long-lasting, so make sure that the brand you are purchasing from offers security in the form of a warranty. As you will be putting your knife to regular use, these knives ought to last long.

Blade Weight

Be careful while looking for an electrical knife if you are suffering from a sprain. In such a condition, you need a knife that has sharp blades and is also very lightweight. It will not put additional strain on your arm.

Best Rapala Electric Fillet Knife Reviews

3. Rapala Lithium-ion Cordless Fillet Knife

Rapala Lithium-ion Cordless Fillet Knife

This rechargeable lithium-ion cordless knife can take up any filleting task like a pro. For those who want a more portable electrical knife that you can take with yourself, just like ordinary knives, this is a great knife. The huge battery can provide over 80 minutes of continuous runtime without any issues. Users have also reported even 90 minutes of runtime.

Suppose you are worried about how it compares with the corded knives in terms of performance, power draw, and consistency in cuts. In that case, we are glad to tell you that there is no difference. It has the same speed and torque as you would expect on a corded knife. It is possible because of the Lithium-ion battery that feeds consistent power without slowing down the machine. It delivers the same power till the last drop of charge.


  • 90 minute of continuous runtime
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Cordless design
  • Fast charging time
  • Operates on 110 volts
  • Low memory effect
  • Continuous power supply

High Charge Retention

Charging takes only two hours, and then you can use this thing continuously for about one and a half-hour.

Low Memory Effect

As the knife has a lithium-ion battery, it has a low memory effect, which means that it doesn’t build up charge memory, which increases the number of charge cycles.

High Torque

The motor is highly efficient and has a high torque. Despite being a high-powered electric knife, it doesn’t consume much power. That is why the battery lasts long, and so do the components.

Relaxed Handle Grip

The ergonomic handle ensures that it never strains your hand whenever you are using this knife to make those beautiful fillets. The grip has a texture on it, which helps you grip firmly even with sweaty hands. The grip of this knife is the best among all Rapala knives.

Battery Charger: The package also comes with a charger. It is rated for 110 volts and charges the battery at the AC power line.

2. Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala heavy-duty electrical knife is the most balanced of their electrical knives. It has the best price to performance ratio and comprises the highest quality materials that its price can buy. It comes with a heavy-duty motor with moving blades. The blades are about seven and a half-inch long. They can operate about two to three times faster than the traditional electrical knives because of their heavy-duty motor.

With high-quality stainless steel blades that are very light, it can effectively reduce almost eighty percent of your effort. This way, it cuts substantially on the energy you traditionally put into when cutting with a typical knife. The performance difference is also significant because of its heavy-duty motor and extremely sharp blades. You can cut through any meat with this knife, whether poultry, venison, or fish. This knife has also proven its worth significantly when cutting meat from the backbone.


  • Fabricated from the finest materials available
  • Crafted for precision and efficiency
  • The heavy-duty motor ensures adequate performance
  • Perfectly dishwasher safe
  • The engine runs at thrice the speed of a regular knife
  • Seven inches high-performance blades

Incredible Control

This heavy-duty knife from Rapala gives you incredible control for precise cuts of fillets. It doesn’t matter if you are cutting big fishes like salmon or catfish or other small fishes. The precision of reductions is the same and consistent throughout.

Dishwasher Safe

The vast blades are incredibly durable and can be cleaned easily. You can even wash them in the dishwasher with ease.

Vibration Dampening Design

While most motors tend to produce some noise, this knife has a unique design to keep the vibrations minimum. Thus you get high performance with minimum noise.

Cool Operating Motor

Its unique airflow design keeps air running through the internal components and keeps the internal components from overheating. Such cooling is necessary to prevent damage to the components and thus increases longevity. It works on 110 volts and has enough power to slice through any fish.

Comfortable Grip: Rapala knife comes with a comfortable handle that provides you with a comfortable grip. It ensures that you get the smoothest cutting experience possible. 

1. Rapala Electric Fillet Knife with Fork

Rapala Electric Fillet Knife with Fork

This fillet knife is fairly affordable and can be quickly put to use in your nearby 110V wall socket. It won’t block the conversation you want to have with someone in the kitchen since the motor is nice and quiet. Whether you use at your cam site or home, one thing is for sure. It will up your filleting game. And it will be fast at that.

The years of experience of Rapala truly shows in the advanced design of this knife. Its supreme operation allows you to fillet Walleye, Perch and many other types of fishes. For the price that it comes it is incredibly useful.


  • The blades on the knife and the prongs on the fork are stainless steel
  • The length of the blade is 7 ½ inches
  • The 110V power cord is 7 feet long
  • It comes with one year limited warranty
  • The knife and fork together weigh 0.7 Lbs.

Airflow Design

The motor of this 7 incher knife has the advanced airflow design. This design makes sure that your knife won’t heat up excessively. You can use the knife for a long time without having to worry about parts overheating.

Reciprocating Blades

The dual stainless steel knives on the knife are serrated for precise cutting and filleting. The cutting and slicing of the fillets would be accurate and faster with this electric knife. The length of the blades is long and suitable for big fishes. You can fillet your Walleye within minutes with this knife.

Accompanying Fork

This knife comes in a set with a fork. You can use that fork to lift and handle your catch without having to directly use your hands. You may even handle your fillets with the fork and quickly wrap up the whole cutting process.

Ergonomic handle: The handle of this knife has good grip and an ergonomic design. No more accidental slipping of the knife and hurting yourself. The handle is textured so that it would be easy to hold it during long cutting jobs. The cord of the knife is 7 feet long, which is long enough for you to comfortably sit in a chair near the socket and do your filleting.


1.  How do you use an electric knife?

There are different ways you can use electric knives. Different types of electric knives are used for various purposes, so you should first consult your user manual. There are a few things to check first before using an electric knife. Ensure that you have plugged your knife in a power source and that the place you will use is close to the power supply. Ensure that the blade is correctly connected to the motor and while you check it, keep its pointed part away from yourself. Check by powering it on if the blades are moving or not. If everything is in place, you can slowly lower it on the thing you want to cut. You might have to apply a little pressure to make sure that it cuts smoothly.

2.  Should an electric knife only be used on meat? 

No, these are knives that can cut through almost anything. You can use it on vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, and almost any other food. Please don’t use them exclusively to cut meat, instead of fully slicing various food items.

3.  Do electric knives need to be sharpened?

If used the way they are intended to, they would never need to be sharpened. They are designed to stay sharp for a long time. Because they use a motor to move the blades, they have to be too sharp; therefore, special care is taken to make them durable. They don’t get blunt even after prolonged usage. You should also not sharpen them because the blades are thin, unlike traditional knives, and can bend if you try to sharpen them over a wet stone.

4.  Do electric knives need special care?

After every use, they need to be cleaned thoroughly. You have to take extra care while cleaning them because they cannot be washed without removing the blade. The electrical parts are prone to water damage. So make sure that you first remove the blade before putting it in water. They are dishwasher safe, so you can put them in the dishwasher because the blades are made of stainless steel. Just make sure that whenever you are washing them or removing them from the motor, the blades face away from you. To be on the safe side, always wipe the knife with a cloth after washing it.

5.  Are Rapala knives dangerous?

As with all the knives, Rapala knives are sharp tools used the most stubborn meat. So yes, in a way, they are dangerous if you don’t use them with caution. If you are cautious, these knives won’t hurt you. Here are a few tips: If your knife comes with a case, always keep it with the case. That way, you can make sure that an accidental slip of hand won’t cost you a finger. Always clean your knife with a thick cloth. Don’t use a thin cloth as it can get cut while cleaning and can injure you. When you turn the knife on, make sure to keep the knife end away from you and especially your face. These blades run back and forth. Even when you are not expecting that it will touch and cut, the motor can move the blades, and you may get cut unexpectedly. Remember, your safety is a priority!

6.  Do you need Rapala knives to cut fish?

Not necessarily. All knives can cut fish. However, these electric knives can make your work much easier. An electric knife can chop a fish effortlessly and in a short time.


Now you are an expert yourself to buy an electrical knife. If you are thinking of upgrading your knife, maybe it’s time to think of going with an electrical blade. After all, your food is still going to taste good; you won’t be seeing any difference in fillet quality, and most of all, it will take much less effort on your part. It will also save you much time.

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