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Best Toaster Ovens under $50

If you’re hesitating investing too much in a toaster oven, you can find the Best Toaster Ovens Under $50 here!
Best Toaster Ovens under $50


Do you want to set up your kitchen with items that don’t burn a hole in your pocket? Well, perhaps you need one of these best toaster ovens under 50 dollars. In addition to being inexpensive, they provide you with all the features of high-end toaster ovens. Toaster ovens have become a must-have item in a kitchen and everyone is looking for them. That is why we thought of compiling a list of these high-quality ovens just so that you can choose the best one for yourself.

These ovens will not only help you in day to day tasks but will also help you in becoming a highly efficient cook. Whether it is making cookies for tea parties or baking pizzas for night parties; these ovens will benefit you in just about every way and that too under a good price. These ovens will take up very low space in your kitchen as they are highly compact. To help you choose the best one for yourself, here is a list of top 5 toaster ovens that you can get in 2020 for an amazing price.

Best Toaster Ovens under $50

5. Hamilton Beach 22708 Toaster Oven 

Hamilton Beach 22708 Toaster Oven

If you want to get rid of your traditional oven then you are in for a surprise as this toaster oven is a nice replacement. The Hamilton beach will give you an overall satisfying experience as it saves you both time and energy.

With its super-efficient design, it transfers heat to your food and that too very evenly as compared to other ovens. If you compare this to other ovens, then we will say that it heats up to 24 percent faster and about 70 percent more power-efficient.

It comes with a compact design that facilitates you in doing more in much lesser time and much lesser space. Cool right? This oven allows you to toast your bread without putting it inside. Yes, this oven allows you to toast your bread externally.

There is a conveniently located lever that you can use to switch between toasting and baking options. The oven will easily reach a temperature of 450 Fahrenheit and will deeply cook your food. Furthermore, it comes with a convenient removable tray which will gather all your crumbs and waste and you can clean it very easily.


  • All in one
  • Very easy to take care of
  • Takes very little maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Knobs are adjustable as per user requirement
  • Comes with a lot of removable accessories
  • Available in 3 different colors


  • Temperatures may not be that accurate
  • Takes some time to adjust yourself with setting up the temperatures

Energy-efficient: We liked how energy efficient this oven is. With up to 70 percent more efficiency this oven will save more electricity as compared to other ovens.p microwaves.

4. Oster TSSTTVVGS1 Stainless Steel Toaster Oven

Oster TSSTTVVGS1 Stainless Steel Toaster Oven

Oster is a new player in the toaster oven market and has come out to be a brand that is now known for its reliability. The brand has maintained its quality over the years while still able to provide you with high quality. This product has a great price to performance ratio. It is probably one of the best toaster ovens in less than 50 dollars. For what it is worth, we would say it is absolutely a steal.

This oven is a very compact and sleek looking device that will adjust anywhere in the kitchen. It works conveniently with two adjustment knobs which makes using this oven very easy. The knobs allow you to adjust the temperature ranges from 150 f to 450 degrees f. The other dial also allows baking, toasting, broiling, and baking. The combination allows you to have the crisp brown look to your food. The crumb tray is also very good for collecting the waste and is very easy to clean as well.

The oven has a large internal capacity that will accommodate most of the foods and is best for making a medium pizza. It comes with a dual rack as well that can be used to bake as well as toast your food. Furthermore, you get a lot of accessories with this product which is excellent at this price range.


  • Very spacious
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Simple dual dial control
  • Comes with removable tray
  • Energy-saving features


  • Fluctuations in temperature
  • The wide temperature range may be a bit confusing

Build quality: One thing that impressed us was the product’s build quality. Even though it is a budget product, we have yet to see this durable stainless steel build like this one.

3. Black Decker TO1313SBD Compact Toaster Oven

Black Decker TO1313SBD Compact Toaster Oven

Black and Decker is the hotshot of kitchen accessories. When it comes to the kitchen equipment, only the name is enough for a buyer. They have been in this business for several decades and have been able to maintain their name. The toaster oven can maintain heat from all sides and can cook food evenly to give a crisp and brown surface to your food while keeping all the flavors and juices inside.

The interior is smartly designed to make sure that your food cooks evenly. This oven has the capacity to toast 4 slices of bread at once and can bake a 9-inch pizza as well. We found the outer dimension to be a bit wider than the traditional toaster oven. The interior is well designed and the curved edges make it look like it has more than usual space.

You can also use this oven for warming up the food and toasting the bread slices all at once. The presets are well defined and you can use them for setting accurate settings for cooking your food because we find the knobs to be pretty accurate. It has a 30-minute timer which will automatically shut down itself to keep the food safe inside. The oven also comes with a baking pan and a broil rack.


  • Removable accessories
  • Easy to use controls
  • Stainless steel body
  • Even toasting capability
  • Internal capacity is good
  • Comes with four different cooking presets


  • High temperatures can make it catch fire so be careful

Precise timer: The feature that distinguishes this oven from others is its timer. The dial is extremely accurate and compared to other ovens, it will give you a lot of precision as compared to the other ovens.

2. Muller Austria Toaster Oven

Muller Austria Toaster Oven

If you are looking to find the best-priced oven then this is it. Muller Austria is the most affordable oven on our list. With this price, it may seem like a bargain but it’s not. The feature it provides makes you think about how they were able to achieve it at this price.

The oven comes with even toast technology which helps it to distribute heat all over the oven evenly. This means that your food won’t have oven burns and will be cooked to its perfection with a brown and crispy texture. This also means that the food will retain all its delicious juices inside. The interior is curved and can take in 4 slices and a 9-inch pizza. You can easily take this oven to about 450 degrees f which is good enough. The four cooking presets include, toasting, broiling, warming and baking.

The crumb tray is removable and you can easily clean it to maintain the oven. The rack is adjustable to two positions and you can use as per your requirement.


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Has a two-position rack
  • Has a crumb tray
  • Wide temperature range


  • Don’t have anything against this one

Even toast technology: They even toast technology is a distinguishing feature of this oven. With this technology, your food will come out evenly cooked with all its juicy deliciousness maintained.

1.  Oster TSSTTVRB04 Toaster Ovens

Oster TSSTTVRB04 Toaster Ovens

This oven from Oster has come out to be the best choice for people who want more capacity and more features in a very limited budget. The internal capacity is huge and you can toast 3 slices of bread and a 12-inch pizza.

The wide range of temperature enables you to add a lot of versatility to your food. While it can reach up to 450 degrees, it is very energy efficient as well. It will save a lot from your electricity bills. But don’t mistake its power-saving for low performance. This oven transfers heat at an even faster rate than other ovens which is pretty amazing.

It comes with the standard cooking presets that are very easy to manage and use. It comes with three adjustment knobs and there is also a tiny little bulb inside the oven that illuminates the insides and lets you see what is going on with your food. The glass door is very transparent and you will be able to tweak the oven as per the food requirements. As far as cleaning goes, the tray is removable and you can easily clean it.


  • Comes with convection technology
  • Ability to transfer heat faster
  • Dual rack system
  • More than the usual internal capacity
  • Comes with additional pans


  • Very big

Huge capacity: We loved how the company was able to provide an oven with a huge capacity at such a low price. With the capacity to bake a 12-inch pizza and 6 toasts, this oven is especially for those who want to cook more food at once.

General FAQs

1.  How long does a toaster oven go with you on average?

The life of a toaster oven will depend on its durability and its rated life. But that is a conservative estimate. It depends on how you use and maintain it. This applies not just to toaster ovens but also any other appliance. Just like any other appliance they also need proper care and maintenance. Most of the ovens can go up to many years with little care. You may be able to prolong their life by caring for and maintaining them more often. In the end, it is all your choice.

2.  When should we replace our toaster oven?

It is unlikely that you will have to replace your toaster oven within 15 years. However, if you do want to replace it, we recommend that you upgrade to a newer and better model. The more money you put in, the more quality you are going to get out of it.

3.  Will we get all the features in a budget of $50?

You can expect to get all the basic functions of an oven at that price. But don’t expect anything premium as it is just not realistically possible to have the same thing at a different price. If you want more features, consider investing more.

4.  What is a toaster oven good for?

The modern toaster ovens can cook just about anything. They perform similarly to a wall oven but gives you the advantage of being portable, much more efficient, speedy, and comes with smart features that help you to make food with versatility.

5.  Can I use a toaster oven instead of a regular oven?

Yes, you can always use a modern toaster oven as they will cook everything a wall oven can.

Final Words

In this article, we have tried our best to provide a list of amazing toaster ovens that come at a cheap price but provide you with the features of high-end toaster ovens. These cheap ovens can toast and bake your food in no time and offers you the convenience of use and some high-quality food. These ovens are best for broiling, baking, toasting, and warming up your food. They give you a wide temperature range to work with to bring versatility to your food.

They are a great choice for smaller areas like apartments or laundry rooms. Most of the designs are incorporated to save space to fit them into small areas where larger ovens may not fit.

All these products were chosen after careful testing by our team. We put these ovens to test for their quality, durability and reliability and only after passing those tests we finalized these products. We hope that this article has served its purpose well.

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