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Best Cutting Board for Chicken

When cutting chicken layers, having a cutting board is a necessary. You can get yourself the Best Cutting Board for Chicken here!
Best Cutting Board for Chicken


Health is perhaps the single most crucial component to live a good life. Yet, it so happens that we tend to overlook critical things that can play a decisive factor in our lives’ healthiness. This may be because they, at times, seem too small to notice. Although the trend towards consuming healthy products is on the rise, we often look at the information regarding ingredients put on a Pepsi bottle. Or we may go through the information posted on the Cadbury chocolate we are buying. However, this trend towards healthy behavior has not translated into us being analytical about the things we use at our homes.

Among such products is the use of cutting boards we regularly employ at our homes. It is not something based on the fallacy that our cutting boards are highly prone to bacteria. This is mainly because chicken is placed on it in a raw form. Consequently, the board can be a vital source of the spread of foodborne illnesses in the family. According to one comprehensive research study, the amount of fecal bacteria on our cutting boards exceeds the level found in our washrooms to understand the gravity of our ignorance. The question is that can we continue to ignore the problem when the level of intensity of the pain is this high.

Therefore, through this article, we intend to bring your attention to something you have been ignoring for too long: the cutting board’s quality for chicken in your kitchen. In line with our philosophy to not remain fixated on the product but to advocate solutions, we present you with the top 3 options for cutting boards in the market.

Best cutting board for chicken (Top 3)

3. Farberware Poly Cutting Board

Farberware Poly Cutting Board

The Farberware Poly Cutting Board is so-called because of its input structure based on Polypropylene plastic. Additionally, the product derives its uniqueness from the purity of its design. It is available in White color, which will significantly enhance the elegance of your kitchen. A problem found with many cutting boards is that they tend to hold on to the smell of the cut on them.

This becomes unpleasant for anyone who passes through the kitchen. Therefore, to keep your kitchen free from such smells, the Farberware Poly Cutting Board is designed with a non-absorbent and non-porous nature. These technical details entail that bacteria and the unpleasant odor will not stay on the cutting board.


  • Its material is conducive for knives.


  • It might not stay flat all the time.
  • Being too thin, might be a reason for durability concern

It is a dynamic product: While this article revolves around cutting boards for chicken, it must be noted that this product has a multifaceted nature. It can be used with ease for cutting and chopping other things, including Fish, Meat, and Vegetables. One feature that acts as a source for the Farberware cutting board’s dynamism is the installation of a hand hole in the product. This hand hole enhances the ability of the user to control the board while using it. As a result of this feature, the chicken is easily cut than it would have been otherwise. This is why many users find this product to be a delight.

2. Hardwood Chef

Hardwood Chef

The Hardwood Chef cutting board is a highly distinct offering in the market. This is because it is not made of the traditional input structure, which relies on different types of plastic. Instead, as the name points out, it is made from carefully cut wood. Furthermore, the wood is derived from acacia trees, which makes it a premium quality product. Consequently, the product has a long lifespan. Its users do not have to go through the hassle of regularly replacing their cutting boards.


  • Its packaging is something that significantly adds to the premium positioning of the product. The packaging is so good that you can send the product as a gift. Please note; it will serve as an excellent gift for your wife.
  • High level of durability; the product is an extra two inches thick compared to a regular-sized cutting board. As a result, it is highly effective for chopping purposes.


  • It is considerably expensive when compared with other brands.
  • The weight can be too heavy to be easily carried around.

It is an environmentally friendly product: Since the product does not use plastic, it does not add to the carbon footprint. Moreover, it must be noted that acacia wood is easy to recycle. Unlike other brands, the Hardwood Chef brand allows people to support climate change efforts and help build a sustainable future.

1. Virginia Boys Kitchens – Extra Large Cutting Boards

Virginia Boys Kitchens – Extra Large Cutting Boards

The Virginia Boys Kitchens cutting board collection is perhaps the most expensive one on this list. However, its versatility makes it a highly demanded product. It could be argued that it provides greater value for money than its competitor brands. Before we elaborate on the product’s technical functionality, due attention must be given to the beauty of the product’s design. It comes in a dark brown shade with fine-tuned finishing, which means that the product can serve as a decorative piece in your home (No need to shove it down in the cupboard when it’s not being used).


  • The product’s surface is made from top-quality walnut, which makes it highly knife-friendly.
  • The product is highly long-lasting, and a proprietary brand of coconut oil is applied to it. As a result, the smoothness of the board is enhanced.


  • It is highly expensive.

The company gives you the option to return the product: A significant problem with online ordering is the reliability issue. Moreover, there have been many cases where cutting boards have broken the first time they are put into use. To give you a sense of relief, the Virginia Boys Kitchens gives you a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  Is it true that our existing cutting boards have bacteria on them? If yes, what are the types of bacteria?

Yes, the presence of bacteria on cutting boards is something that has been clinically proven. The main types of bacteria found on cutting boards is Campylobacter and Clostridium Perfringens.

2.  How are bacteria able to come on our cutting boards?

The critical reason bacteria can settle on cutting boards is because the chicken is often cut in raw and unclean form. As a result, the bacteria get transferred from the chicken to the cutting board. Moreover, suppose the cutting board is not well washed and cleaned. In that case, the chances of bacteria causing foodborne illnesses becomes high.

3.  What is an essential feature in a cutting board to counter the threat from bacteria?

It is highly advisable to buy a cutting board that is non-porous and non-absorbent. As a result, it will not harbor bacteria in it.

4.  Suppose I want to get rid of bacteria and any other unwanted material on my cutting board. Which is the most effective way to do so?

The most effective way to disinfect your cutting board is to put it in the dishwater. This is because the size of bacteria is so minute that we will probably miss some of them if we clean it with tap water. The use of a suitable detergent is bound to kill the bacteria on the cutting board. It must be noted, while it’s not an ideal option. The human hand can also eliminate the cutting board from bacteria if rigorous rubbing and washing is done (Machines vs. Human; machines are more effective).

5.  Should I have separate cutting boards for chopping chicken, meat, fish, and vegetables?

No, the same cutting board can be used to cut all these things. Having so many cutting boards will only burden your kitchen storage space and will not be sustainable in the long run. Please note; you can use the same cutting board for these things unless the brand you are purchasing specifically says otherwise.


It must be noted that the usage of similar products is rated differently by different people. This is because personal likes and dislikes play a crucial role in how we view things and experiences. Therefore, no one product fits all types of people. Our strong recommendation is to evaluate all sides of the products mentioned above according to your taste and then make a decision. The products reviewed above are the top 3 available in the market. However, they are not listed above according to a ranking among themselves in this article.

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