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3 Piece Dining Set under $100

Affordable dining sets are a rarity. Look up these 3 Piece Dining Set Under $100 and raise the level of your kitchenette.
3 Piece Dining Set under $100


Every room at home has a purpose. A living room is a place to sit together and get entertained. A kitchen is where the family prepares a meal. Next to the kitchen is often a dining room. A dining room has symbolic importance where a dining table set has a vital role to play. Most people do not have a separate dining room, so they place a table in their kitchens or main lounges. It is solely used for eating in some houses, while in others, it has multiple uses. This article lists down our top picks for 3 piece dining sets under $100.

Since the dining room is a core part of the house you own, you must invest in a perfect dining set. You should always buy a dining set that reflects the size and taste of your family. It should represent the unity, status, and strength of your family. The cheap dining table set under 100 reviewed in this article are for small families. They also suit two to three friends sharing an apartment but before you head over to the reviews, read out the factors that we considered for our ranking.  

Factors Considered for Ranking

We considered the following factors for selecting a cheap dining table set under 100 for this review. We would advise you too to bring these factors into special consideration while choosing a dining set for you. It will ensure that you do not end up making a wrong purchase. 

A dining set should match the size of your room and the number of your family members. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the space your dining set will occupy. For example, in this article, we have listed down 3 piece dining sets. These sets come with one table and three chairs. Before you buy a set, make sure it matches the number of people in your house.

It is essential to pick the right material for your dining set. The material holds great importance when it comes to caring and cleaning. There are dining sets with wooden tables and chairs, dining sets with glass and marble tables. 

Wooden dining tables are durable and robust. They are versatile, beautiful and add aesthetics to a room. However, they are also a little bulky. Marble dining tables look gorgeous. If you want your dining set to look unique and artistic, a marble table must be your pick. You can get a marble table in all kinds of unique colors. It works great with both traditional and modern home decor. 

 A glass dining table makes a room looks bigger and brighter. Glass looks good in all kinds of rooms. Also, a glass dining table has low maintenance. A glass table with wooden chairs makes a good dining set. However, glass sets are prone to damage. They can’t take so much weight and break easily. 

Metallic dining sets are also in. They are lightweight and add an element of elegance to your room. 

The shape of your set decides whether it looks good in a room or not. You can go for dining sets with round tables and curved chairs or go for a complete square-shaped set. A round table looks great in compact spaces. It all depends on where you want to keep the dining set. 

You can have a modern dining set or a contemporary one. A trendy set will give your room a progressive touch, while a stylish set will give a classic vibe. It all comes down to your taste and preference. 

We did not compromise on comfort while picking dining sets for this review. We emphatically ask you too not to compromise on your ease. It is more important than the style or shape of your dining set. If the dining set’s chairs are hard or the table is unstable, it isn’t worth your money. Invest in comfort. Choose a set that you would want to use every day. 

This factor is a crucial one. You can’t buy a set until your budget matches the price tag. In this article, we have listed down dining sets under $100. You can get a perfect and cheap dining table set under 100. But if you are a big family, you need to plan out your budget accordingly—the price of a set increases with size. Cost also varies with material, shape, style, durability, and comfort. So, if you know your budget, you can easily buy a perfect dining set. 

Now that you are clear of all the factors you should consider, enlighten yourself with the reviews below:

Top 5 Best 3 Piece Dining Sets under $100 Reviews

5. Giantex 3 Piece Dining Set 

Giantex 3 Piece Dining Set

Give your dining room or kitchen a new look with this compact yet stylish 3 piece dining set. This set includes an oval table and two stools without arms. Giantex metallic dining set provides a sophisticated and classy sitting set in your living room. This table and two chairs set is beautifully crafted and designed by Giantex. It is a modern yet elegant cheap dining table set under $100. 

It is a compact table set, perfect for your small space. Even if you have a big room but need a compact dining set, this one will save much space for other things you want to keep in the room. 

Irrespective of its small structure, the tabletop is spacious. This tabletop has a storage rack at the bottom that can hold your ornaments, fruits, cups, and plates. Because of its suitable size, you can use this dining set for more than one purpose. You can keep it at your poolside, in your balcony, garden, or patio. You can conveniently move it around the house. 


  • It is a perfect dining set that fits all compact spaces. 
  • The extra rack under the table provides additional space for storage 
  • The metal frame provides excellent finishing and strength. 
  • The oval tabletop is safe to keep around children because of no sharp corners.


  • The chairs don’t have a footrest. 


This set is made of solid materials. The tabletop has an oval shape and an MDF wood making, which is smooth and consistent. All the cut edges appear leveled without any splinters or voids. Besides, it is a cheap but top-quality material. The wooden surface of the oval tabletop has a grade iron-strong frame. This frame gives strength and immense durability to the table. 

Also, to ensure sturdiness, the manufacturers at Giantex have attached two metal pipes that connect this table’s legs. 

The chairs in this dining set are armless. These chairs come with adequate back supports and comfy surfaces for long sitting sessions. Since this dining set is highly durable, you can place it in all kinds of compact spaces. The chairs in this set can be tucked under the table. 

Easy Assembly: This three-piece set comes with an easy-to-understand manual for assembling instructions. Each pin and screw has a code. You can follow the codes to assemble all parts. It takes only a few minutes before you have full dining set in front of your eyes. 

4. Kealive Bar Table Set

Kealive Bar Table Set

This dining set is both chic and graceful at the same time. Kealive 3 piece dining set comes with two stools and a table. You can place this comfortable yet trendy set in your kitchen or your dining room.  

You can call it a space-saving piece of furniture. This bar table set is compact yet perfect for two to three people. You can use this as both an outdoor and indoor sitting arrangement. It is a versatile dining set that easily blends with the rest of the furniture. 

This three-piece set has a bar table with 39’’H x 26’’D as its dimensions. The 26″ diameter is more significant than a standard-sized bar table. The round tabletop’s shape gives you enough space to place many things on the table at one time. This high table compliments the bar stools perfectly.  This dining set is a great place to enjoy coffee and cocktails with your family and friends. 


  • It is a unique dining set with two bar stools. 
  • The stools have footrests, which contribute to a comfortable sitting. 
  • The 360 swivel chairs make it easy to rotate the chairs in all directions without using your hands.
  • It is an immensely durable and robust dining set. 
  • It is perfect for keeping in both outdoor and indoor areas. 


  • This set is more expensive than many similar dining sets. 

Sturdy Construction 

This 3 piece dining set has a metal frame finishing. The metal finishing allows strength to both tables and chairs. You can safely use this set whichever way you like. 

The dining table has a round top and an X-shaped base, which ensures stability. The barstools have an ergonomic design and a mid-backrest for a comfortable sitting experience. 

Classy Bar Stools: The stools of this set are its selling point. These are swivel stools with a pleasant and cozy design. Besides, its seats have PU leather coverings with plenty of soft sponges. These chairs have a 360-degree swivel, which makes it easy to rotate these stools in any direction. Also, the chairs in this set have rubber pads. The pads protect your floor and reduce noise when moved.

3. PayLessHere 3 Piece Dining Kitchen Table Dining Set 

PayLessHere 3 Piece Dining Kitchen Table Dining Set

You do not have to spend much money to buy an elegant dining set for yourself. With a minimal budget, you can easily purchase good three-piece dining set for your house. PayLessHere dining set comes with a table and two chairs. This dining set is appropriate for one to two people and is ideal for small spaces and apartments. You can use the table as a kitchen or a coffee table or even both.

This dining set doesn’t take too much time or effort to assemble. You just have to attach the legs to the table by following the instructions given in the manual. The chairs come with numbered screws and pins. You need to follow the numbers, and within minutes you get the dining set of your dreams. 


  • It is a reasonably priced dining set with a comfortable and compact design.
  • It is easy and quick to install. 
  • You can sit on the curved back chairs for as long as you want. 
  • The rack fixed underneath the tabletop provides extra storage space.


  • Both the table and chairs do not have rubber feet. 
  • The tabletop is prone to watermarks. 

Structural Design 

This dining set can grab anyone’s attention because of its unique design and durability. The tabletop has an oval shape and is made of eco-friendly and economical MDF wood. The grain wood used is of high quality. There are also some steel elements with the wood to add strength to its structure. 

Its legs are connected through metal bars. There are horizontal posts adjusted in the center of the chair’s feet. All these elements of designs add sturdiness to this set. The table has an extra shelf at the bottom of the tabletop. The shelf provides additional space to keep cups, plates, or snacks. This dining set comes in a beautiful retro color that brings a good vibe to your house. 

Comfortable Chairs: PayLessHere dining set has chairs with an upholstered leather steel frame. The chairs have a curved back. This back helps with a comfortable sitting posture. You can use this set for as long as you want without getting tired. 

2. Linon Tavern Collection 3-Piece Table

Linon Tavern Collection 3-Piece Table

This Linon 3 piece dining set is an ideal piece of furniture for a dine-in or coffee session. This dining set has a table and two chairs. It has a rectangle shape and is higher than most standard dining tables. The two chairs in this set are like bar stools. 

The table’s dimensions are 42.25″ W x 22.13″ D x 36.25″ H, while the chairs have 13.75″ width, 13.75″ seat diameter, and a height of 25″. The table in this set can take a weight of up to 200 lbs. Each stool has a weight capacity of 275 lbs. 

It is easy to assemble this dining table. The whole package comes with a manual with all the assembling instructions. With the table, you are mostly required to join the legs with the body. With the chairs, you have to enter all the three-the legs, back, and body.


  • The high table in the set can work well as a prep table in your kitchen
  • Its space-saving design proves quite valuable in small spaces
  • The stools come with soft sponge padding for a comfortable sitting experience 
  • The table is easy to clean
  • The color of this set works well with both traditional and modern decor.


  • The manufacturers could have added more pads to the cushions for a much softer feel.


This table comes with a hardwood frame. This hardwood finish makes it easy to clean this table. Also, its espresso color blends well with other furniture and overall decor. 

The stools of this set have padded seats. Black vinyl upholstery gives these chairs a comfy and pleasant feel. The chair covers are made of leather. Both the padding and covers are properly stitched. 

Space-saving Set: It is a compact set that saves lots of space. You can keep it in a small room, and it adjusts perfectly. The chairs tuck easily under the table and leave ample space in the room for other things.  You can also keep this piece of furniture in your garden or near your poolside. Because of its standard design and size, it looks good everywhere. 

1.  BCP 3 Piece Round Dining Set

BCP 3 Piece Round Dining Set

This dining set is best for a beautiful dinner night with your partner. It is stunning, elegant, and, most importantly, affordable. BCP three-piece dining set has a round table with a beautiful wooden top. A round table is great for small families and intimate, homely dine ins.

 The set is complete with two chairs that have wooden seats. Both the tables and chairs are engineered with durability. The strong iron frame increases the life of this set by many years. The chairs have well-connected legs that always keep them sturdy and robust. 

This functional dining set has a space-saving design. It is compact and saves much space in the room for other furniture and decoration pieces. The chairs fit well with the table’s edges. You can also place this on your balcony. Its color and style complement natural colors quite well. 


  • It is a beautiful and comfortable dining set for more than one person. 
  • It is compact yet have an extra storage space 
  • It is sturdy and durable. 
  • It is an inexpensive dining set that you can also place on your balcony. 


  • The chairs do not have rubber feet stoppers

Built-in Storage

The table comes with a built-in shelf. This shelf can hold food trays, cups, plates, or anything extra that doesn’t fit the tabletop. This additional storage space is a beautiful feature. 

Ergonomic Backrest: The chairs in this set have a curved backrest. The backrest promotes a comfortable sitting posture. You can sit comfortably on these chairs for as long as you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is a dining set necessary? 

Yes, it is. It is as necessary as your sofa or bed. A dining set is a place where the whole family can sit around, eat, and talk. It brings a family together. If you don’t want your kids to eat wherever they want and create a mess, a dining table set is an essential item. 

2.  How big should a dining set be for a family of two? 

Always get a table a little bigger than your family size. A family’s size increases with time. Even if it doesn’t, you should buy a table for at least three people. A big table serves best with guests as well. 

3.  What is the trend with dining sets? 

Different types of dining sets are in trend these days. Designers love to execute different styles and shapes within a single dining set to attract as many buyers as possible. But there are a few things that are entirely in. Dining sets with neutral pallets look clean and fresh. People also love dark wood sets with light-colored upholstery. Contrasting dining sets also look super chic. Dining sets with a modern rustic feel are also popular these days. 

4.  What shape goes well for both informal and formal dining sets? 

A formal dining table set should always be rectangular. A rectangle shape is more classy and gives a formal impression. If you often host many big family dinners, a rectangle table set will work great for you. For an informal sitting, use a dining set with a round table. It is also appropriate for small families who love to spend time together while eating. A round table is better for bringing the family together. 

5.  How may I add colors to my basic wooden dining table? 

You can experiment with your table in different ways. A colorful flower vase or a decoration piece placed in the center of the table complements the wooden surface. 

You can also place a colorful table mat and table napkins on your table to make it look lively. Beautiful and bright cutlery also contributes to that much-needed pop of color. 


A dining set is an asset. It adds a valuable touch to your home decor and furniture. If we were to choose one, we would go to Kealive Bar Table set. This set is unique and beautiful, with its trendy design and amazing structural features. This set can add value to anyone’s home, big or small.  It is indeed a beautiful but cheap dining set under $100.

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