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Top 5 Electric Chopper Brands

Some veggies can be incredibly hard to chop. Therefore, getting the Best Electric Chopper for Vegetables today will solve a lot of your problems!
Top 5 Electric Chopper Brands


Are you fed up of slicing and chopping vegetables in traditional ways that mostly end up injuring your hands? You keep looking for alternatives to aid your daily struggle, but are confused as to which company will best address your needs – Well, fret not. This article will comprehensively explore various top-notch companies that you should consider before making the perfect move of rejuvenating your cooking experience. The conclusion is bound to convince you in the best possible way in deciding what suits you well. It is a fine juxtaposition of words covering different elements like one’s budget, capacity, versatility and preference.

Following are Top 5 Electric Chopper Brands

5. Hamilton Beach 8-Cup kit

Hamilton Beach 8-Cup kit

The Hamilton Beach 8-cup kit is a great fit for chopping a relatively larger fraction of vegetables, ideally used in restaurants and hotels/motels. The kit includes a disc used for slicing and shredding which could be adjusted as the user wishes, an extremely powerful motor of 450 watts, a dishwasher bowl, a lid for saving space, and various forms of sharp blades. Hamilton Beach is a go-to when preparing subsequent amounts of food items without putting one through the hassle of manual labor. It is well-equipped and maintained with stainless-steel that helps in preventing rust causing the product to last even longer.


  • Can be installed through DIY
  • Design is modern and very clean
  • User-friendly
  • Slice disc is reversible
  • BPA-free
  • Versatile and speed is very fast
  • Advanced features with adjustable power plugs


  • Costly
  • Cannot be used for cubing/dicing
  • Not ideal for nut butter
  • Does not work efficiently for smaller quantities

Easy Set up: One can easily set up the parts of the machine on his own without requiring any technical expertise to do so. Due to its spaciousness, a feed chute allows the storing of a whole block of cheese in order to reduce pre-cutting and save time.



A mini kitchen accessory that not only saves space but also does the task appropriately without compromising on the size and quantity one requires. No need to worry about squeezing in stuff to settle a large equipment in your cabinets, just toss it in minimal space and get your job done very conveniently. Cut it short with only three steps and voila – no topsy turvy and rushing to set it up. Ezbasics pay attention to their customers, they keep in mind their fast-paced routines and daily struggle.


  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Easy, DIY setup
  • Affordable
  • Process a sufficient amount
  • Safe to use with/without parental guidance
  • Detachable design – effortless washing


  • Does not last long
  • The plastic bowl can be exposed to scratches
  • Advance features not present
  • The blade is too flimsy

Versatile Chopper: The chopper is specially designed for generation X to make life a little less sophisticated for them by providing the opportunity to process not only vegetables for cooking a profound meal but also nuts, fruits, and ice-cubes for a perfect smoothie – giving an active start to your mornings.

3. Dominion 1.5-Cup kit

Dominion 1.5-Cup kit

The dominion 1.5-cup kit comes in a compact and space-saving design that allows it to be carried anywhere, unescorted by tardiness. It includes a simple lock-up technique that deters the need and struggles to assemble different parts for the appliance to function. The most eye-catching feature remains its size and capacity for processing various types and amounts of food items as well as beverages. Therefore, it is frequently used in formal institutions like offices and high school cafeterias.


  • Ease of Use
  • Has a good capacity
  • Very good sound quality
  • Extremely low price
  • Works best for the kids’ safety
  • Provides a lot of comfort and security to the homeowners
  • Overall performance is commendable


  • Lesser warranty
  • Known to be very loud
  • Unreliable product; may stop working anytime
  • Adhesive: doesn’t tend to stick for long

Sturdy Base: To further add on, this chopper has a non-skid rubber infused into its surface that helps it to settle at one place without the user scuffling to modify its position. The blade is made up of alloy steel which makes it strong and rust-resistant.

2. Philips Multi-Chopper

Philips Multi-Chopper

Philips Multi-chopper is equipped with 2 speeds and automatic speed selection that is no less than a blessing for its users. The different functions require a totally different speed in order to avail the optimal result – slow speed for the coarse chopping with the latest Chop-Drop technology and high speed for the fine chopping with detached, high-speed blades. The product detects the desired function and adjusts the needed speed automatically so as to ensure that the desired end result is achieved each time.


  • Adjustment is user-friendly
  • Stores up to 1.1 liters
  • Could be simply washed in a dishwasher
  • Finest chopping a grinding
  • Easy to wash
  • Comes in 5 exciting colors


  • Expensive
  • Parts might not be available
  • Requires space

Efficient Design: It entails the finest chopping experience similar to a professional chef without the hassle of any extra buttons, wires, or switches. The chop-drop basket is designed to fit in a whole onion and it does the job for you – no more tears. Prepare finely grind meat for patties and tacos, or pestos and salad dressings for your meals with perfect sizes and reasonable quantities.

1.  BLACK+DECKER EHC3002B 4-Cup kit


Specially created for mundane and rigorous tasks, black+decker never disappoints with its evolutionary design packages that often desired by most customers. It involves a glass bowl, preventing it from scratches and stains, unlike most plastics. Due to its bowl’s capacity and brittleness, it is becoming the hot-topic for most kitchens and ateliers. You can enjoy making the perfect meal of your choice without putting too much time and effort. Yes! – black+decker completely has your back.


  • 150-Watt motor – commendable operation
  • Easy grip
  • Available in bright colors
  • Has a removable blade
  • Lightweight


  • Glass can be exposed to breakage
  • Need to ensure reach out of children
  • Large in size
  • Splatter tray tends to stick really hard

Elements Safe: Something that is bound to capture your attention; it is micro-wave, oven, and freezer safe so you would not need to transfer your chopped, minced, or diced food items into another apparatus. Who would want to wash the dishes anyway! Moreover, it has a high/low pulse adjustment system that further increases ease and charm for the user. Isn’t it a must have?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  What top features should one consider before finally purchasing an electric vegetable chopper?

Selecting a food processor based on its top features is not that difficult. All you need to do is that you should consider the following features before buying your next best pick of it:


Capacity remains one of the fundamental features while spending money on a very crucial kitchen accessory. Obviously, you need to have an estimate of how much time it is going to help you save and the quantity that you desire to achieve. When it comes to kitchen appliances, one should be aware of the brand’s offerings in order to be able to make a rational choice.

With this feature, it will be very easy for you to decide what suits your needs the best and why. If you wish to make a smaller quantity, you would know which company entails to your desires beforehand.


Investing into something that is designed to assist you in your struggles also requires permission from your pocket. With the current rate of inflatory pricing in mind, one should give ample thought to the idea of going towards either something too expensive or too cheap. This is going to notify you about the probability of buying what you wish to as compared to something that you can afford without affecting your other investments.


Until now, you must have realized how crucial it is to understand that weight matters too while looking for something made to ease your ways. Hence, it renders the assembling process and the fact that you would be able to carry it around your kitchen. In general, kitchen appliances that include the latest features tend to be heavier and difficult to transfer. By having a rough approximation of its load, you might consider making a wise selection.

2.  What are some helpful cleaning and maintenance tips for electric choppers?

Do not use excessive alkaline cleansers for cleaning the chopper as it could ruin the machinery and impact its performance. Always take the unit fully apart and clean it with water and soap or go with a light detergent. Instantly after the cleanup, reassemble your chopper and store it properly.

3.  How to prolong the blade performance?

If you wish to prolong your blade’s sharpness, take a honing stone on both the beveled and flat side of the chopper’s blades and file gently while keeping the initial sharpening angles.


Electric choppers have come a long way in offering features and giving you the most convenience in working quickly with vegetables. We hope our list will help you find the chopper most suitable to your needs. Moreover, when you follow our guide, you will make better purchasing decisions. It is always best to arm yourself up with some knowledge about the product interesting you to ensure you know what the market has to offer.

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