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How Does a Plasma Lighter Work?

Are you unsure How Does a Plasma Lighter Work? Worry not! Our ultimate “how-to” guide will show you the way!
How Does a Plasma Lighter Work?


Lighters haven’t changed in decades, until now. Many thousands of years ago humans discovered fire and ever since then we built stuff that uses fire from ovens to engines and cigarettes. Yet for some reason still in 2017, you can’t light a lighter outer if it’s windy and that’s why the products come in known as plasma lighter. Plasma lighters are not like butane brethren lighter that works with gas to create fire but they rely on the matter called plasma.

Plasma lighters are durable and environment friendly. They are classy and look great in your hand when you light it up for your cigarette. They are rechargeable and have long-lasting batteries. They are called plasma lighters, x lighters, or Arc lighters. They work with electricity, not with gas. These lighters are also budget-friendly as they have rechargeable batteries so you can use them again and again, it will be worth your money. so why waste your money on low-life lighters.

How does it work?

Plasma Lighter Work 1

One thing that always confuses people is how plasma lighter works? because people are confused about how current can produce a flame. There are four states of matter, solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. One of them is very hard to explain and understand and that is the state of plasma. In other states, electrons are tightly bound but in plasma, electrons do not attract towards their atoms and this property creates ionized gas. Due to this ionized gas, electrons produce electricity. Scientists have been studying plasma physics for decades. A scientist attempted to capture the energy that takes place in stars and the sun and discovered two properties of plasma, it creates electrical conductivity and is sensitive to the magnetic field.

Plasma lighter consists of 2 electrodes that are positive and negative and they are also called cathode and anode. When we press the button of the lighter electrodes it becomes ionized and then it spreads in the air. The air becomes ionized and then electrodes produce a spark. All the ionized gases are plasma. The spark produced connects diagonally and we can see the current is in the form of an arc or ‘X’. the arc you see is actually current which is used to ignite candles, cigarettes, etc. it works the same as a gaslighter, producing fire. but they are different because of the electric and gas supply. Plasma lighters need only 2 electrodes to work properly, the other two are attached for their better performance. When you press the button it will produce a spark, as long as you press the button you can see the spark. And when you press the button a sharp sound is produced. The similarity between ordinary and plasma lighter is that ordinary lighter runs out of fire when there is no gas and plasma lighter runs out when you don’t have electricity.

Plasma lighters are used to burn fire, there are three things that are necessary to ignite fire oxygen, fuel, and heat. For plasma lighters oxygen is in the air, tobacco or cigarettes can be used as fuel while heat is produced by lighter because of the flow of electricity as these lighters work with electricity. Now you don’t need to waste your money on gas lighters fluid as you have a rechargeable lighter.

Plasma lighters have batteries; they don’t need fuel like gas lighters but need electricity. The batteries are rechargeable. Plasma lighters have two types one is a single arc and the other is a double arc both work with the same mechanism. The double arc plasma lighter produces more heat; they use the battery two times more than the single arc and you have to recharge them again and again. Double arc lighters are more fun to use than single arc lighter because of their performance. These plasma lighters have different battery timings some of them can go for 4 to 5 days but some have to recharge daily.

Plasma lighter is safe for you as well as for your environment. It looks amazing and also has benefits. This lighter produces current and not flame. The gas produced by ordinary lighters is dangerous for the environment; it causes depletion of the ozone layer but this is not the case with a plasma lighter as they don’t produce heat. The gaslighters when disposing of them cause harmful effects on humans. Plasma lighter doesn’t have Butane as they can cause cancer so gas lighters are undesirable.

Plasma lighter is not just for smokers but it is the best pocket instrument that can be used at many places for example you are out for camping so you can ignite flame just by pressing one button you can see its magic. With an ordinary lighter, you have to flick it many times to get the flame.  Now you can easily burn or light anything with ease. The main advantage of these lighters is that they can be used in windy conditions because they don’t have a flame, just a spark on which there is no effect of wind.

These lighters are made of metal which I think are useless because they are heavy. Simple lighters are not that heavy and you can easily carry them in your pocket. Plasma lighters come in different designs and sizes and you look really cool while using them.

Final words

Plasma lighters are newly designed lighters with the latest technology. These lighters are much better than gas lighters because of obvious reasons. These lighters are durable because they don’t use fuel to ignite light instead it has a Li-ion battery which is rechargeable, you can charge it and use it and don’t need to throw it in your dustbin. The battery life is so good it can be charged within 1 to 2 hours. Plasma lighters work really well and how they work we have already explained to you above. I hope that after reading this article you will have no questions about its working.

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