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Best Gas Cooktop Stoves

Gas cooktop stoves makes cooking so much easier for you. Here are the Best Gas Cooktop Stoves for you to enhance your daily cooking.
Best Gas Cooktop Stoves


A gas cooktop stove is an essential part of your kitchen. A cooktop stove comes in handy every time you want to make tea or cook rice. When it comes to gas cooktop stoves, most people have their reservations. There are a lot of misconceptions about gas cooktop stoves. Some people believe that they are difficult to use and install. They cost a lot and are not safe. Well, let’s put this straight here. A gas cooktop is none of the things mentioned above. It is one of the best kitchen essentials that you must own today.

A gas cooktop stove is equipped with both low and high heat burners which means you have a range of choices. Gas cooktop stoves heat up quickly and you can easily fluctuate between different heat levels. If you already own a gas connection at home, a gas cooktop stove will be a treat to cook with. If you want to cook food with precision and temperature control, nothing works as well as a gas cooktop stove. 

Gas cooktop stoves are fast in a way that once you turn on the flame, the heat immediately comes through. Just the way they heat up, gas cooktops do not take much time to cool down. This is a very good feature when it comes to safety and that is what everyone expects from their kitchen equipment. In short, gas cooktop stoves are a kitchen necessity, and buying one for your kitchen will be the best decision you will make this year.

Ranking based on Factors

We have considered a few factors before curating the list of our top 5 gas cooktop stoves. These factors are:

  • Space Requirements 
  • Cooking Habits
  • Budget
  • Maintenance
  • Safety

Space Requirements

Before you buy yourself a gas cooktop stove, make sure you are aware of the available space you have in your kitchen. Measure the area you want to install your cooktop stove in. Gas cooktop stoves are available in several sizes. Make sure you buy the one that fits well. 

Cooking Habits 

If you are someone who cooks a lot at a time, a gas cooktop stove with more than two burners will meet your needs. And if you are a single person with no one to cook for, a single burner would be enough. Analyzing your cooking habits before choosing a cooktop stove will help you to buy the best one. 


Your budget will decide the category of gas cooktop stoves you must look for. Gas cooktop stoves are cheaper than electricity, so that’s a piece of good news. You should also consider installation costs when deciding on a budget. 


Like any other kitchen equipment, gas cooktop stoves also require maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning a gas stove usually starts with separating its parts before cleaning them individually. You must consider this factor to ensure if you are ready for this cleaning job. 


When choosing a gas cooktop stove, you must consider the safety features it offers. We would recommend you to prioritize this feature first. 

Top 3 best gas cooktop stoves Reviews

Finding a perfect gas cooktop stove for your kitchen can be quite hard because of the extensive variety of gas cooktop stoves available in the market. There are a plethora of gas cooktop stoves to choose from. To help you find your favorite, we have listed down our three best cooktop gas stoves below. Take a look and thank us later! 

3. Frigidaire Gas Cooktop stove 

Frigidaire Gas Cooktop stove

Frigidaire FGGC304 gas cooktop stove is considered one of the best cooktop with some great features. It won’t be wrong to say that FGGC304 is the gas stove that makes cooking an easy job for you. The dimensions of this cooktop are 30” x 5” x 21.8”. It can easily fit in a space that has a width of 30″. 

Beautifully designed and carefully manufactured, the FGGC304 is a great kitchen essential to own. It comes with five burners with each burner having a BTU rating of between 450 to 18000 BTU. The burners are designed in a way the burner in the center emits more heat than the other four burners. 

The FGGC304 cooktop is made from stainless steel. This makes this cooktop very easy to clean. 

It has cast-iron gates. The gates make it convenient to move a pot from one burner to another while cooking. This cooktop is compatible with both natural gas and propane so that you can meet your cooking targets and needs without stressing so much.


  • Four sealed burners on this cooktop make it easy to clean the cookware once the job is done. 
  • This cooktop has five burners which means you can cook a variety of dishes at a time. 
  • The cooktop has very effective control knobs placed rightly on the top. 
  • The grates on this gas stove make it easy to slide a pot from one burner to another which helps you slide your pots from one burner to another.


  • Since this gas cooktop is made from stainless steel, it can easily get scratches. 

Sealed Burners

As mentioned above, this cooktop by Frigidaire has five burners. Out of these five burners, four burners are sealed. With a sealed burner, the gas flames emitted to pass through a protective sealed cap before reaching the cooking pot. Unsealed burners direct flames straight towards the cookware. The benefit of sealed burners is that they cause little damage to the cookware and it doesn’t require much effort to clean the cooking pots later. 

Control Knobs : The control knobs on Frigidaire FGGC304 are placed on the top of this unit rather than on the front. This position is very convenient. You don’t have to especially look down to control the knobs. Other than the position, the knobs are very easy to move. They have a rigid surface which helps form a strong grip when you use them. 

2. Bosch NGM8055UC 800 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Bosch NGM8055UC 800 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

If you are looking for a cooktop that is a bit high-end and expensive, Bosch NGM8055UC is an option you should consider. A well-designed cooktop to meet all your cooking needs, the NGM8055UC is a great stove to own in both professional and unprofessional kitchens. Calling it a premium gas cooktop for kitchens won’t be a wrong statement to make. It has five sealed burners, a stainless steel body, cast iron grates, and a wonderful, minimal design to add sophistication to your kitchen.

 As mentioned above, NGM8055UC has five sealed burners. Sealed burners are not just safe but also protect cookware from going black easily. The maximum BTU rating of each burner is 18,000 BTU. This rating is the highest you will find on any burner. Having five burners on the cooktop does not feel crowded at all until and unless you’re cooking pots are too big. 

Cleaning this unit is very easy. You can easily lift the grates and have enough surface to clean. 


  • This unit has five burners which help to cook a lot of things at the same time. 
  • Cleaning this unit is hassle-free. 
  • The hot burner indicator is a useful safety feature. 
  • The grates of the cooktop can be lifted for proper cleaning. 
  • The metallic knobs are well-designed for convenience. 


  • This unit is expensive 
  • The burn stains start appearing on the stainless body 

Metallic Knobs

All five burners are controlled by beautifully-designed metallic knobs. These knobs are placed on the front side of the stove. The knobs are quite responsive and easy to move. 

Indicator Light : The burner indicator light is a great feature of this cooktop. This indicator lights up when the cooktop is still hot. This is an important safety feature that all cooktops must have in their designs. 

1. Empava 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Empava 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Do you want a gas cooktop stove that is not only effective but is also extremely budget-friendly? Empava 30″ is a stainless steel cooktop unit that is perfect for owners who want to buy a stove from their tight budget. 

This Empava cooktop gas stove measures about 29.52”x 20”x 4.52”. It has five sealed burners which give a lot of cooking space. The sealed burners also ensure that your cooktop remains clean irrespective of the dishes you are making. Each burner has a BTY between 3000 and 12000 BTU. This unit uses natural gas or propane to power up. These burners are controlled by knobs that are responsive at every turn. 

The only feature it lacks is continuous grates. This means that sliding a cooking pot from one burner to another won’t be easy. Despite this glitch in the design, all the grates are made from high-quality material. Even the burners and valves are made from good-quality materials. 

This unit has a stainless steel finishing which surprisingly doesn’t scratch easily.  


  • The auto shut-off feature stops the gas flow when the unit isn’t being used. 
  • The knobs and grates can be cleaned easily using a dishwasher. 
  • You can use both natural gas and propane to power up this unit. 
  • This unit has five sealed burners which make this a great unit to cook plenty of dishes at a time. 
  • This is an inexpensive unit. 


  • Having no continuous grates on this unit is a drawback. 

Dishwasher Safe Knobs 

The knobs and also the grates on this unit can be safely washed using a good dishwasher. This implies that cleaning this unit, even after a full day of cooking, is a piece of cake. 

Auto shut-off feature: Empava 30″ has an auto-shutoff feature which is great when it comes to safety. This safety sensor ensures that the gas flow is stopped as soon as the unit is put to rest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  For how long do gas cooktops survive? 

Gas cooktop stoves have a very long life, almost 15 years. But it all comes down to its maintenance. If you have well-maintained your cooktop, your stove will last for 15 years and more. But if you fail to look after your cooktop, it won’t survive for long. 

2.  How to clean the top of gas cooktops? 

Before cleaning a gas cooktop stove, it is always advised to remove all its parts, such as discs, first. For cleaning, warm water wash, baking soda paste, and ammonium are a few things you can use. The final method chosen depends on the intensity of the cleaning required.

3.  How are gas cooktop stoves better than electric stoves? 

Gas cooktop stoves are way more precise when it comes to temperature control. These stoves are more responsive to temperature changes than electric cooktops. Electric cooktops are slow when you are regulating the temperature or when you want to switch off the stove. Also, food cooked on gas cooktops is well-cooked when compared to food cooked on an electric stove. 

4.  Are gas cooktop stoves good for professional kitchens? 

Yes, they are! Since gas stoves heat up faster and the flame cooks evenly, most chefs prefer gas cooktop ovens in their kitchens. 

5.  Are gas cooktops safe to use? 

They are safe to use until and unless you make a mistake handling them. Avoid using any flammable material near the gas stove. Do not place plastic dishes on top of the stove. Make sure you have properly switched off your burners after cooking. If required, switch off your gas connection too. 


All the gas cooktop stoves mentioned above are our favorite and why would they not be. The excellent features they offer are what every homeowner looks for. To choose one cooktop from our top 3 is hard but if given a choice, we will go for Empava 30″ any day. It is a budget-friendly unit that a majority of you can afford it also has five sealed burners and well-designed knobs for an uninterrupted cooking experience. The auto shut-off is an excellent safety feature as well. In short, if we were to buy a gas cooktop now, we will get our hands on Empava 30″ right away. 

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