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Best Food Processors Under 100 Pounds

Food processors are a great nowadays. Consider yourself lucky to get the BEST FOOD PROCESSOR UNDER 100 POUNDS here!
Best Food Processors Under 100 Pounds


Have you ever wondered how your favorite restaurant is able to provide your favorite dish with the same taste for so many years? While you might figure out the same dish recipe online, the restaurant always ends up beating you on the taste. There is a highly logical answer to this. The battle between home chefs and restaurant chef’s is always fought on an uneven platform. This is because home chef’s do not have the same quality of kitchen appliances that restaurant chef’s do have. In this regard, the role of the food processor in use is of paramount importance. It can affect the sustainability of the quality of your food dishes.

In order to aid in you in making the best decision, we have combined a list of the best available options in the market.

Best Food Processors Under 100 Pounds (Top 3)

3. Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor

Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor

A lot of us have had heard or seen the brand name “Ninja” in our kitchens. This is because the Ninja brand has been in operation for a time period which now numbers in decades. In fact, the brand has been a key market leader in the Kitchens appliances category. It would not be wrong to say that majority of the other brands in the market are nowhere close to matching the experience of the Ninja brand. It is this experience which the brand has used in its favor to develop one of the finest food processor in the market. Just like Apple has been able to shape the quality of its latest IPhone models by improving on its previous versions, the Ninja brand has also been able to create a brilliant product.

In order to present itself as an improved version of its previous products; the Ninja BN601 is equipped with supreme power. The food processor’s power peaks at a whopping 1000 watts. For those who want a simpler explanation of what this technical functionality means, it must be noted that the product will be able to process highly tough food materials with ease. You no longer have to fear that processing the vegetables will take a lot of time. The idea behind this functionality is to help people spend less time on cooking, and more on eating delicious food dishes (How bad the feeling is when you eat a pizza in 10 minutes, while it took two hours to make).


  • It has a highly elegant design
  • The cleaning process of the food processor is simple
  • The product has automated pre-set programs which enable you to perform a task with a simple press of the button.


  • There is spacing between the lid and its disc.
  • Disc cleaning is quite challenging as compared to others.

The food processor helps you maintain consistency in your cooking: The worst part of cooking a pizza for instance is to see people complain about the taste of your pizza, which they had applauded just a week ago. Even worse is the feeling when you know you did not do anything differently in the cooking process. Such an event occurs mainly due to the faultiness in our food processors. Therefore, as a remedy, the Ninja BN601 is equipped with 9 cups. What the 9 cups enable you to do is maintain the same quality in case you want to make a meal for a large number of people.

2. NutriChef NCFP8 Multipurpose Food Processor

NutriChef NCFP8 Multipurpose Food Processor

We have all been in a situation where staying in the kitchen has felt like staying in hell (Some of more than once each week). This situation originates as soon as the food processor is turned on, and lasts till it is closed. This is because nothing in this world is more painful than the sound of a running food processor motor. Not only you are not able to converse in the kitchen, but that the sound makes your body itch. However, if you are facing this problem, you no longer have to worry. The NutriChef NCFP8 Multipurpose Food Processor has come to the rescue. It comes with a motor which is equipped with silencing technology. As a result, you are provided with some protection against the irritating sounds produced by traditional food processors.

Interestingly, one would think that a machine that does not make much noise will have extremely low wattage power. However, the NutriChef brand does not create another problem in its resolve to solve one. The product has a high wattage power of 600, which essentially means that it will greatly reduce the food processing time your existing food processor takes. In fact, through its in-built wattage strength, the brand promises to cut your food processing time in half.


  • It will help you save on your utility bill. This is because the product is highly energy efficient in nature.
  • The food processor has a large space inside it. Therefore, it is ideal for preparing a large volume of food.


  • It is heavy in terms of weight.
  • It does give the user the opportunity to choose from a large collection of colors.

The NutriChef food processor can perform multiple functions: The beauty of the NutriChef brand is that it has installed multiple functions in its food processor. The food processor is able to not only aid in cooking, but also has the functionality to make Fruit Juice and be used for baking purposes. Furthermore, it terms of aiding in preparing your food, the product can be used for functions including; Grinding, Mixing, Shredding, and Slicing. Added to this, the stainless blade attached inside the product is bound to give you high quality performance, and help you prepare great meals for your family. Therefore, the product is a 3 in 1 solution for your kitchen (Lots of precious space is saved in the kitchen)

1. Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor

Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor

The Hamilton brand has been a key player in the kitchens appliances department for over a 100 years now. It has used its vast experience to finally come up with the Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor. Unlike other competing products, this product is extremely light weighted. What this means is that you the product can be carried anywhere. In fact, its weight of 4.7 pounds is almost half the average weight size of other competing brands.

Interestingly, the disc of the food processor can perform dual functionality. This is because it is reversible in nature. One side of the disc is able to perform the function of shredding, while the other side can be used for slicing.

Additionally, safety features of the product are highly advanced. In fact, all the food processor components (Food Zones) are BPA-Free. This in turn makes the washing and cleaning part of the food processor not only safe, but also considerably easy. You can wash the product without fearing that its blade will damage your severely.


  • It is extremely light in weight. As a result, you can easily move it back to the cupboard if you don’t want to keep it in the open.
  • A bowl scraper is attached inside the product. Therefore, the food item inside the bowl stays close to the blade, and consequently it gives out better quality results.


  • You have to turn the disc upside down every time you want to move from shredding to slicing. In case you forget this thing, the food item can be irreversibly damaged.

The product gives greater control to the user: A lot of great products don’t work effectively because they cannot be tailored to changing situations. However, the Hamilton Beach food processor enables the user to have a strong grip on the operations of the product. The product is equipped with a handle through which the speed of the food processor can be controlled. Therefore, if you have a food item which is hard in nature, you are free to increase the speed volume. Similarly, you can slow the speed down for light items. As a result, the effectiveness of the product will improve. Also note, it will enhance the energy efficiency of the product (Will help you save on needless costs).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1.  What is the primary function of a food processor?

The core function of a food processor includes; Shredding, Slicing, and Chopping.

2.  How to use a food processor?

It must be noted that the latest food processors available in the market are highly easy to use. In fact, a food processor can be put into use with the following small steps:

  1. You need to plug in the wire into the electrical socket.
  2. Next, place the food item inside the food processor (Put it in the bowl)
  3. Put the lid back on top of the jug
  4. Lastly, press the start button

A lot of latest models in the market have automatic buttons on them highlighting the type of food you want to process. Therefore, in that case, you can simply press the button relevant to your use.

3.  Does use of a food processor help save time?

Yes, it can be conclusively said that latest technology allows the food processor machines to work at a faster speed then the human hand.

4.  Does the amount of cups in a food processor affect its performance?

Yes, a larger number of cups allow the food processor to process a larger volume in one go. Thus, the element of consistency in quality is maintained for the whole food.

5.  Is it advisable to put hot liquid in the food processor?

It is recommended that you wait for the liquid to cool down a bit before you process it.


One reason why most people do not put in a lot of effort to find the best available food processor option in the market is because they are not aware about how big a role kitchen appliances play in the quality of our daily meals. The same individual might ignore the quality of their food processor who goes out of the way to not consume any type of unhealthy food.

Therefore, another important motivation of this article is to push you towards action. We hope that after this article, you will not let your food processor compromise on the quality of your food. Lastly, getting any of the above mentioned food processor will help you save on the cumbersome time you spend in the kitchen.

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